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Hot air gun HL 1810 S

All-rounder. Hot air gun HL 1810 S, for all sorts of jobs around the home, 3 stages: 50° C/ 200 l/min, 400° C/300 l/min, 600° C/500 l/min, includes thermostat and thermal cut-out, cold-air stage for rapid cooling on changing nozzles. more

Waxing skis Unscrewing wheel nuts Stripping paint Shrinking on cable sleeves Shaping Chemistry more uses

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The HL 1810 S hot air gun with 3 heating and airflow stages is the perfect all-rounder for virtually all routine jobs around the home.

For example, for waxing skis, undoing wheel nuts, stripping paint, shrinking cable sleeves, shaping and a whole lot more. With 1800 watts, the tool reaches a temperature of up to 600° C and delivers an airflow of 500 l/min.

Settings: temperature and airflow can be set in 3 stages at the operating switch: 50° C/200 l/min, 400° C 300 l/min, 600° C/500 l/min. Cold-air stage for fast cooling on changing the attachment.

Features: Double overheating protection: thermostat and thermal cut-out, ergonomic soft grip handle, soft stand for non-slip stability, air intake with mesh guard, heavy-duty rubber-insulated power cord. For held-held and self-resting use

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  • Image Chemistry
  • Image Paint stripping
  • Image Shaping
  • Image Shrinking cable sleeves
  • Image Unscrewing wheel nuts
  • Image Waxing skis

More uses

  • Waxing skis

  • Unscrewing wheel nuts

  • Stripping paint

  • Shrinking on cable sleeves

  • Shaping

  • Chemistry
Technical specifications Hot air gun HL 1810 S
European Article Number (EAN) 4007841348113
Airflow control 3 stages
Max. airflow rate 500 l/min
Voltage 230-240 V/50 Hz
Temperature setting 3-stage
Dimensions (l x w x h) 260 x 90 x 205 mm
Number of stages 3
Motor DC motor
Model Folding box
Heating element Ceramic
(electronically controlled) No
Min. airflow rate 200 l/min
Temperature regulation Yes, over 3 stages
Power consumption 1800 W
Min. frequency 50 Hz
Min. temperature range 50 °C
Max. temperature range 600 °C
Temperature regulation Yes
Weight 0.780 kg
Operating instructions
  • Here is where you can download the operating instruction in PDF format. (File size: 852.08 KB)

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