XLED - The next Generation.

Attractive buildings need even more attractive floodlights.

The compact XLED curved is ideal for illuminating building entrances and pathways. Yet the practical floodlight doesn't only satisfy safety and security needs. It can also be used to create modern accent lighting. Both the sensor and the entire outdoor floodlight come in a pleasingly understated, unobtrusive look, clearly leaving centre stage to the lighting in setting off buildings and outdoor areas with masterful proficiency.

XSOLAR - Solar lights that always work. 365 days of the year. 


XSolar lights from STEINEL always work wherever they are used. In summer as in winter. 365 days of the year. Without any power point. As part of MissionXSolar, we have chosen three remote locations and installed the XSolar lights where other solar lights have capitulated. It was not always easy, but is was always a complete success: whether in snowy Austria, on a German windy island or in the heat of Spain – the XSolar reliably provided light at every location.

To the mission

Motion detectors for the home

Sensor technology for intelligent lighting.

STEINEL motion detectors always switch light ON exactly when you need it. This not only makes your home more intelligent but also safer and more secure. Light comes ON exactly when you need it. Or perhaps the moment an uninvited guests would prefer to be in the dark. And you save energy into the bargain. Because wherever light only comes ON when it is needed, it does not use electricity unnecessarily.

Welcome to the world of sensor technology.

Everything about sensors

Hot air tools and hot-melt glue applicators from the brand and technology leader. 

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