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Do I need WIFI to use the Steinel CAM?

Yes, the STEINEL CAM must be integrated into a WIFI in the 2.4GHz network. Commercially available WIFI routers support both 5GHz and 2.4GHz in parallel.

The STEINEL CAM can then also be accessed externally, e.g. from the mobile network.

Is it possible to switch on the light of the STEINEL CAM permanently?

Yes, if you move the "MODE" slider to the right position, the light is switched on permanently.

To switch the light off again, move the slider to the middle position, sensor mode.

Can the microphone of the STEINEL CAM be switched off?

Yes, you can also switch off the microphone completely via the volume settings.

Can I download the recorded videos of the camera light to my smartphone?

Yes, the videos can be downloaded via the app. Afterwards they are available locally on the smartphone.

Is it possible to network the STEINEL CAM App with cables?

No, unfortunately, cable networking is not possible.

Can the Steinel CAM be connected with a LAN cable?

No, the Steinel CAM must be integrated into the network via WIFI.

Is it possible to control several Camlights via one app?

Yes, it is possible to add several STEINEL CAM to the app without any problems.

What can I do if only one smartphone connects to the app and the other does not?

Check the internet connection of the smartphone.

What can I do if the update of the light has failed?

If the update has failed, the STEINEL CAM will restart and reconnect to its known WIFI network after the restart.

If the STEINEL CAM does not restart automatically, disconnect the light from the power supply briefly and wait a few seconds before reconnecting.

Which WIFI frequency is required for the camera light?

The STEINEL CAM requires a 2.4GHz network. Commercially available WIFI routers support both 5GHz and 2.4GHz in parallel.

How can the SD card be replaced?

To replace the SD card, the lower cover of the light must be removed. The SD card is located underneath.

By pressing gently on the card, it can be removed and replaced with another SD card.

We recommend formatting the new SD card in "FAT32" format beforehand.

How to access or remove the SD card?

To avoid theft of your private data, access to the recordings on the SD card is only possible via STEINEL CAM App.

If you have problems accessing your recordings, please contact our service hotline: +49 5245 448 188.

How can I turn off the push notifications of the STEINEL CAM app?

The push notifications can be deactivated by moving the "ALARM" slider to the left position.

How to adjust the range of the light?

The sensitivity of the infrared motion detector can be decreased via the app.

How can I connect another smartphone to the light?

Use the "Share Steinel CAM" function to open the QR code and the serial number of the camera light. Then open "Add shared Steinel CAM" on the second smartphone and either scan the QR code directly or enter the serial number.

How long is the warranty period for the STEINEL CAM?

We offer a 3-year manufacturer's warranty on your STEINEL CAM.

Where can I change my password?

There is a "Change password" function in the settings of the STEINEL CAM app.

How can I minimize the detection angle of the STEINEL CAM?

You can reduce the overall sensitivity of the infrared motion detector via the settings in the app. You can hide the entire area of the infrared motion detector by masking the lens.


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