#HeatatWork – join in and share your Heat Story with us!

Are you creative and have fun constructing and crafting? Show us what you can do with your Steinel heat tool and grab the opportunity to win a €100 Steinel voucher. The sky is the limit here in terms of your creativity: we don’t care if you use it for small or big projects, easy or devilishly hard – we want to see your craftsmanship with a heat tool or a hot-glue gun. Doesn’t that sound super easy? That’s because it is! 
We are already eagerly awaiting your creative ideas – and now, heat on!


How to participate

Create a series of pictures (3–10 images) or a video (30 sec. to 5 mins) that shows how you’ve put your heat tool to use. Integrate the #HeatatWork hashtag into your image or video.


Fill out the form

Fill out the form below and upload your pictures or video. If you like, you can briefly write about your project in the project description box.


Here’s what you can win

If we pick your project and publish it, you will win a €100 Steinel voucher. You can use it to equip yourself for more great projects!


Invite family and friends

You can also invite friends and family to participate! They can also send in their work and win a €100 Steinel voucher their project is published.

Almost done...

Upload your Heat Story now and snap up your chance to win a €100 Steinel voucher!

Feel free to add a description of your project here.

Max 50mb per file

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