Hot glue series GluePro

Professional gluing for excellent results.


Hot glue series GluePro

Heat at Work - when it comes to the degree.


Glue sticks professional line

The right adhesive for every application.


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Hot Glue Series GluePro

Better glued instead of screwed.

Fast and precise gluing for professional work with high quality requirements. The temperature adjustment of the GluePRO hot glue guns, which is precise to the degree, makes it possible for the first time to process different adhesives. Whether Styrofoam, wood, fabric, paper, metal and more - thanks to the individually adjustable temperature and glue quantity, everything can now be glued firmly and in high Steinel quality.

Your advantages with both GluePROs: 

  • Adjustable amount of adhesive for individual applications
  • Non-slip & adjustable handle according to hand size
  • Rugged & industrial design for easy and fatigue-free work
  • Removable stand
  • Interchangeable nozzles
  • Also available as set incl. case and long nozzle 

The models compared


High quality. Reliable. Ergonomic.

GluePRO 300

• Ready to start in under 3 min.
• Up to 190°C
• Efficient work thanks to a delivery rate of up to 1.2kg / h
• Suitable for Ø11 mm Fast, Flex and Universal glue sticks (melting point 190°C)


Precise to the degree. Flexible. Professional.

GluePRO 400 LCD

• Ready to start in under 2 min.
• Adjustable temperature (40-230°C) for processing high-temperature acrylics or
low-temperature low-melt adhesives
• LCD display with temperature indication to the nearest degree for control purposes
• Perfect for industrial and craft applications
• Efficient working thanks to a delivery rate of up to 1.5 kg / h
• Suitable for Ø11 mm glue sticks with melting points of 40-230°C

Professional glue sticks from STEINEL.
Excellent quality for excellent hold.

So that everything fits together and holds. Our Ø 11 mm glue sticks guarantee the best results in consistent quality. In our development center, we work daily to test and verify the composition and properties of the adhesives. Benefit from our care and our experience in all aspects of hot gluing.

Your advantages with all STEINEL glue sticks: 

  • Solvent-free, non-toxic, no organic compound 
  • No odor or mold formation after cooling down
  • High shelf life