STEINEL Solutions trains electronics technicians and constructors! Our apprentices pursue great and exciting projects. They work independently and efficiently. We guarantee an optimal learning effect. 

Vocational training projects

Multi-channel temperature meter

In the first step, Felix has developed a temperature measurement card for a measurement system for his IPA (individual practical work), so that one can collect data from endurance tests of different devices. The project is a part of an extendable measurement system. More cards can be developed to additionally measure e.g. voltages or currents. The basis of this system is the control element called Raspberry Pi (single board computer). Felix wrote a software for it with the programming language Python, which runs over Raspberry Pi. (2).jpg (1).jpg

Compressor control

The compressor system at STEINEL Solutions AG has a timer that is adapted to production operating hours. Previously, the room was accessible so that the compressor could be switched on outside production hours if necessary. Since the room is now locked, our apprentice Simon Gabriel has developed an electronic system that makes it possible to switch on the compressor for four hours by means of an SMS. 


Soldering station

Simon Ziegler and Selim Willinger, two of our apprentices, worked at regular intervals on the "soldering station" project, in which they were able to design one themselves. They used a commercial soldering station as a reference, on which they repeatedly took measurements and recorded them in order to understand the exact functions and rules of a soldering station. From the knowledge gained from this, the two developed their own circuit for controlling the soldering iron and programmed an Arduino Nano (microprocessor platform) so that the temperature set on a potentiometer is shown on the display and correctly readjusted on the soldering iron. The circuit was tested extensively and then implemented in the layout program in such a way that it can then be installed in a housing with the display and the potentiometer.


This is what our apprentices have to say about training at STEINEL Solutions:


This is what our vocational trainers have to say about training at STEINEL Solutions:


Andreas Zehnder, Vocational Instructor Electronics

«It's a lot of fun to accompany young people for four years and to follow their development and progress. The feeling of being able to realize something with them is incredible. Be it the trainees' own ideas or internal company projects. I enjoy passing on my knowledge and it makes my job as a developer even more varied. I also really appreciate the fact that we train people for the job market and prepare them for their future everyday life. Because as a company of our size, you can't just keep looking for and hiring qualified people, but you should also make a contribution yourself so that these young people come onto the market in the first place.»


André Bisig, Vocational Instructor Construction

«On the one hand, I find it great to pass on my own experience to young motivated people. I enjoy working with apprentices on various projects enormously and it's always an exciting challenge. 

On the other hand, it benefits the image and name recognition of STEINEL Solutions. Training young people is not only sustainable, it also secures the future of the company.»

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