Now it clicks. The 4000 series sensors with magnetic sensor heads for easy mounting and installation

Now it clicks. The 4000 series sensors with magnetic sensor heads for easy mounting and installation

New presence and motion detectors with Ø 8 m and Ø 24 m ranges and magnetically clickable sensor heads. In day-to-day business, sensors with a range of 8 m or 24 m are in demand. With our new Eco Plus sensor series, you get the right detectors directly from the sensor professional. Simple and quick installation thanks to magnetic sensor heads and round design, as surface-mounted, flush-mounted and ceiling-recessed variants in black and white. The COM1 sensors for switching light have a push-button input and can be connected in parallel to extend the range. Easy to set via potentiometer or Smart Remote.

Eco Plus series

Secure 1 of 50 sensors free of charge now.

We love the new 4000 series. So that you too can convince yourself of the quality and ease of installation, we are giving away 50 sensors (MD 4360-24 COM 1) and look forward to your feedback.

Magnetic sensor heads to click into place


1. Assembly

Mount load part

You can easily and conveniently install the load part of the detector first. It makes no difference whether you install a surface-mounted, flush-mounted or ceiling-recessed detector. Generous connection spaces and easily accessible connection terminals ensure quick installation.


2. One click and done

Click in sensor head

Now you only have to click the desired sensor head onto the load part. Thanks to the magnetic mechanism, the sensor head snaps directly onto the load unit. This not only makes the initial installation quick and uncomplicated, but also simplifies the subsequent adjustment of the detection range using the cover shells included in the scope of delivery.


3. Setting via Smart Remote

Commissioning without ladder

You can now conveniently adjust the sensors via Smart Remote from the ground. The range, twilight setting and overrun time can be conveniently controlled via smartphone and app. And if a readjustment is necessary, it is just as easy.


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Areas of application



Motion detectors are used in many offices. The presence detectors of the 4000 series are the best choice here because they detect even the smallest movements and thus no one suddenly works in the dark.


Corridors and side corridors

Especially when maximum range is important, the 4360-24 with a range of 24m is the first choice. Thanks to the simple installation, entire floors in buildings can be quickly equipped with the sensors.

All variants at a glance


With this one-pager you have all mounting types, colours and interfaces quickly and clearly at hand.
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