Solar lights

Light accents through the power of the sun

Solar lights - independence with the power of the sun. Even gardens are nowadays subject to change and become more sustainable, modern and flexible. This is also reflected in outdoor lighting. Our solar lights are the perfect companions for this. Without wiring, you can individually design your lighting concept and flexibly adapt your lighting to your needs.

Endless possibilities

No matter how your outdoor space changes over time. Our solar lights always put it in the right light. Solar operation means you don't have to wire anything. You can rely on the energy of the sun. The lights have, thanks to an integrated battery, 60 days of light reserve. So your outdoor area shines all year round in the most beautiful light.

XSolar SOL-O Sensor

With our XSolar SOL-O sensor light you can illuminate paths, house entrances, outdoor seating areas, terraces and your garden in the most beautiful light.


XSolar GL-S

When dusk falls, the XSolar GL-S stand light automatically illuminates all paths in the garden and around the house. This way you create more safety and orientation


XSolar L-S

More flexibility is not possible. With the XSolar L-S, solar and light panels can be mounted separately from each other. This offers you maximum individuality when it concerns sustainable lighting.

Features of the solar series



Beautiful light, without any electricity costs

With our XSolar lights you automatically get a lovely light in gardens, on terraces and on house walls with the onset of dusk - and all this without additional electrical installation and electricity costs.



Consistent light

Due to the high quality manufacturing you will always have light even in the darker season. The microcrystalline solar panel and the 60-day light reserve ensure lighting that you can rely on 365 days a year. Even when the sun is not shining.

Individual house number lights. As unique as your home.


My XSolar LH-N - The illuminated house number with maximum flexibility.

Our My XSolar LH-N combines three important components: Sustainability through solar operation, individuality through customizability, and above all: safety. Because illuminated house numbers give the impression that someone is always at home. In addition, emergency services, for example, can orient themselves better.

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