How inventions turn into intelligent products.

We are driven by developing new things. This has already made us pioneers in many fields. STEINEL not only invented the first sensor-switched light but is also today's technology leader in motion and presence detectors across Europe. For our ODM and OEM clients from all sorts of different segments, we produce sensor technology that makes life more energy-efficient, more convenient, more secure and safer. On top of this, we benefit from decades of experience in lighting technology and leave no margin of doubt through clever innovations in the communications technology market of tomorrow.


Sensor technology from STEINEL Solutions lets products see their surroundings. And you have the chance to get a crucial competitive edge. Because as pioneers of motion and presence detectors, we can draw on unrivalled expertise – both in evaluating signals as well as in perfectly integrating sensors into user-defined applications. Whatever application you are planning, our technology line-up is broad and deep enough to provide any system solution with exactly the right sensors.

Our fields of expertise:

  • Active infrared
  • Passive infrared
  • High frequency
  • Ultrasonic
  • Capacitive sensor systems (touch, filling level measurement)


Brilliant solutions for demanding lighting technology: Our many years of experience in developing and producing lights makes STEINEL Solutions your specialist in providing individual modules or complete systems. Our ingenious optical systems ensure perfection in directing light while also optimising the ergonomic output of light from your LED luminaire. Our efficiency-optimised converters guarantee a positive energy balance – and, in conjunction with our perfected heat management system, an incredibly long service life. Thanks to our sensor technology, we also supply automated lighting with a level of convenience, security and quality that will leave your customers completely stunned.

Our fields of expertise:

  • Electronic-ballast and LED driversr
  • Designing and manufacturing optical systems
  • Managing lighting patterns
  • Lighting laboratory with photogoniometer
  • Heat management
  • Sensor systems for automation
  • Interconnecting lighting systems with our communication technology


When it comes to communications, we are the people to talk to. Whether configuring a device, recording measurement readings or interlinking sensors and actuators to create intelligent overall systems – STEINEL Solutions are experts in the full breadth of communications technologies. Rigidly wired or with wireless flexibility. Our line-up is so broad, we can provide the optimum solution for interconnecting lighting in any OEM project. Yours too.

Our fields of expertise:

  •  Wireless communication
  • A wide range of bus systems
  • Configuring and controlling lights
  • Lighting automation and sensors
  • Interconnecting sensors and actuators
  • Recording and logging measurement readings


Always attainable: your technology edge.

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