Motion detector

Lighting solutions with sensors thought through further.

As the inventor of the sensor light, we research sensors and constantly develop them further. Since then, we have created numerous innovative products that reliably switch light all over the world, day after day.

Motion detector - Something moves here. Whether indoors or outdoors, whether for security reasons or to switch on the lights in good time for welcome visitors - intelligent motion detectors and the latest sensor technology have been STEINEL's core competences for over 30 years. We are the specialist for all applications around the house.


Targeted capture

140° and smaller


House entrance



House corners




360° and smaller

The right motion detector.

Whether mounted on the wall or under the ceiling or optionally with corner wall mount. Select your personal motion detector for automatic light control for indoor and outdoor areas and save costs and energy.


Mr. Reliable in saving energy.

IS 1

Simple and modern design, easily and quickly mounted on the wall or ceiling for targeted monitoring of areas in front of houses and driveways. Thanks to high tiltability, the sensor can be perfectly adjusted.


Dazzling in design and function.

IS 130-2

A wall sensor with proven functionality and timeless design. Choose the right sensor for your home from four colors. Due to the excellent detection quality, nothing and no one misses him.


Intelligent sensor technology directly at the house.

IS 140-2

The sensor with large adjustment angle, more range and even better detection. Fits everywhere. With optional corner wall bracket even at house corners.


Lays flat and is well protected.

IS 180-2

Simple design, robust workmanship and effortlessly simple installation. Including corner wall bracket for
uncomplicated outside or inside corner mounting.


The sensor universal genius for all cases.

IR 180 UP easy

Intelligent sensor for easy replacement of conventional pushbutton switches. Whether hallway, staircase, side room, or the basement. Now also available as a surface-mounted version for outdoor use.


More than just a light switch.

IR 180 AP easy

Intelligent sensor for easy replacement of conventional pushbutton switches. Whether hallway, staircase, side room, or the basement. Now also available as a surface-mounted version for outdoor use.


Performs double work over corner.

IS 240 DUO

Two highly sensitive infrared detectors in combination with an outside corner mounting reliably monitor the area of two house walls without gaps. If corner mounting is required, a bracket is included.


Intelligent technology to install.

IS 360-1 DE

Perfect for installation in canopies and suspended ceilings. 4m range and 360° detection detect any movement and switch up to six LED lights.


The motion detector for the highest demands.

IS 360-3

Unobtrusive 360° infrared ceiling sensor for foolproof installation. With three pyro sensors, it achieves a range of up to 12m. Adjustment according to requirements thanks to cover panels.


Revolutionary infrared sensor technology

IS 180 digi

The infrared motion detector with digitally adjustable 180° detection angle and up to 8m detection range is suitable for wall mounting indoors and outdoors (IP 45). Ideal for targeted detection at your home. Fits any type of house thanks to its simple and flat design and hidden sensor. The detection area is divided into three zones, each of which can be individually digitally activated and deactivated and adjusted in your range.

Features of the motion detectors


Extensive manufacturer warranty

We develop and produce everything ourselves. Exclusively in Europe. The result: impeccable quality, a long service life and 3-year manufacturer's warranty.


Easy installation

The sophisticated design of the motion detectors ensures easily accessible connection points and enables quick and easy installation.


Reliable light switching

The proven infrared technology built into the motion detectors reliably and quickly switches on the light as soon as motion is detected.

FAQ motion detectors

Any questions?

What is a motion detector?

A motion detector is an electronic sensor.

This detects movements in a certain environment and can be used accordingly as an electrical switch for these registered movements. The heart of the infrared sensor technology is a so-called pyro sensor. This electronic module reacts when the infrared heat radiation within its detection range changes, i.e. when a person enters the detection range. The resulting voltage jump is converted by the system into an electronic pulse that switches the light.

What should be considered with motion detectors?

There are various criteria that should be taken into account. Decide for yourself which criteria are relevant for you and thus select the sensor that perfectly suits you

Which location? Especially for outdoor use, the IP 54 protection class against weather influences ensures a long service life of the sensors.

Which detection parameters? Both the maximum range and the detection angle are always individual and must meet your requirements.

Which switching capacity? For the sensor to work reliably, you need to know how many luminaires it should switch.

For specific questions about individual products, feel free to look at the models in the comparison.

What does a motion detector react to?

Motion detectors pick up movements in the set detection range. People emit infrared radiation due to their body heat. This radiation is used by the infrared sensor technology to detect movements and react accordingly.

What is the difference between motion detector and presence detector?

Unlike motion detectors, presence detectors can only be used indoors. Instead of larger movements, presence detectors detect even the smallest actions. A small hand movement of a seated person is already enough to recognize him as present. In addition, a presence detector automatically switches off the light in daylight when the light level exceeds an adjustable value.

Are motion detectors economical?

By automatically switching the light on and off and by only switching light on when it is needed, the motion detector helps to save electricity. A motion detector has a self-consumption of about 20 kilowatt hours per year. -As much as a 100-watt lamp left on for a week.