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Connected Lighting is the most economical and sustainable lighting system in the world!

Experience our contribution to a sustainable future with an amazing reduction of CO2 emissions and lower energy consumption.

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95% energy savings thanks to LED SensorLights from STEINEL. Connected Lighting in perfection.

Residential complex Rütihof, Zurich-Höngg


Light meets life.

Residential complex Steinacker/Zurich, Switzerland

Light meets life

Light is not just light. Whether outdoors or indoors, in a car park, a stairwell, an office or a classroom: lighting solutions tailored to your needs enhance your sense of well-being and safety, promote productivity, visually upgrade buildings and, last but not least, save a great deal of energy. Discover custom-fit lighting solutions made by STEINEL.  

Discover the professional sensors from STEINEL


Our sensors conquer new worlds and have a lasting effect on people and the environment.

Sensible use of space with targeted FlexDesk management and reducing energy consumption in buildings are just the beginning. STEINEL sensors are already designed for the possibilities of the buildings of the future.