Smart, robust and with a clear design

NEW | L 40 / 42 SC

Robust aluminium design meets smart functionality. With a 180° infrared sensor and a range of 10 metres, both the new square-shaped L 40 SC and rectangular-shaped L 42 SC accurately detect movements and automatically switch on the light. Thanks to the latest Bluetooth Mesh, wireless networking is quick and easy via smartphone and STEINEL Connect App.


Top modern. Inside and out.

NEW | L 270 / 271 digi SC

Our new L 271 digi SC outdoor luminaire presents itself with a flat and linear design that perfectly combines aesthetics and functionality. The integrated digi sensor remains invisible and enables flexible switching on or off of the three detection areas. Wireless networking via Bluetooth Mesh is quick and easy via smartphone and STEINEL Connect App. Also available as a version without sensor.


Nostalgia in a new light

NEW | L 10 S

No one is guaranteed to walk past the elegant L 10 S outdoor luminaire. The nostalgic basic shape with a modern touch is a real eye-catcher and refines every home. Thanks to the supplied cover clips, the detection range of the unobtrusive sensor can be adjusted as needed. In addition, the E27 socket and the integrated reflector foil under the cover ensure an individual adjustment of the light colour and optimal illumination of the surroundings.


Strongly designed photoelectric lighting controller

NEW | NightmatIQ Plus

The new NightmatIQ Plus takes twilight-controlled light to a new level. Equipped with Bluetooth Mesh, it can not only be conveniently set and operated with the STEINEL Connect App but also networked with other Bluetooth Mesh lights and sensors. The plus in features: For the first time, the twilight function can also be switched on or off for specific days via the app - more light control is not possible.

Safely into the dark season


Camera lights

Security the smart way

With the STEINEL CAM, you can see exactly what's happening around your home from anywhere. As soon as the motion detector detects movement, you get a live image on your smartphone via push message. You can also communicate immediately via the integrated intercom. So you can keep an eye on your property from anywhere.



Floodlighting for your home

Bright is not an expression at all! With our range of spotlights, you ensure optimum illumination in every situation. No matter whether on the house wall or on the garage. With their swivelling LED panels, our spotlights master every requirement and provide bright light where you need it. This way, you increase your safety when it gets dark outside.


Motion detector

Intelligent motion detectors, maximum safety

With our motion detectors, you increase the safety and comfort in your home. Perfectly illuminated paths prevent tripping hazards and uninvited guests and thanks to individual time settings, the light adapts to your needs. You even save energy because the light is only activated when movement is detected. Safety and efficiency combined in one product.


The right accessories for your luminaire

Original STEINEL | Accessories & Spare Parts

Rely on spare parts and accessories directly from the manufacturer. Our extensive range of STEINEL original accessories ensures that you will enjoy your products for a long time.

STEINEL the inventors' company

For more than 60 years, STEINEL has been inventing and developing technological products that are way ahead of their time and capable of changing entire markets. This tradition is as alive today as it was then. Innovative inventions, tailored to people's needs. For us, STEINEL is a future model with a history. We call it: the inventors' company.