The new EU regulations.

Efficiency and sustainability in the service of climate protection.

On September 1, 2021 a new EU energy label for light sources was introduced. The new energy label contains a new scale with efficiency classes A-G. The plus classes of the old label are no longer applicable.

What is changing for you?

As a consumer, you can find both versions of the label in stores for a certain period of time, as transition periods apply to the predecessor label. The QR code on the new energy label leads to a European product database (EPREL) on which you can view more information about the model.


Rescaling from A to G

The new legal requirements lead to a tightening of the energy class limits and ultimately to a reclassification of the devices in the energy efficiency classes A to G. Due to the new scale and the associated requirements for economy, there is a negative shift in the energy efficiency class for almost all products.

The energy efficiency of the product does not deteriorate, it is only represented in a new scale. For example, a product that was previously classified in energy efficiency class A++ will now be classified in class E. The rescaling provides better comparability.

Area of application


Till now, the regulation referred to lamps, LED modules and luminaires. With the new regulation, the areas of application have been redefined. The regulations now refer exclusively to light sources and separate operating devices.

Light sources include lamps, LED modules and luminaires where the light source cannot be removed without damage. Luminaires where this is the case, on the other hand, are considered "surrounding products." These do not have to be provided with an energy label.

Why don't all products have an energy label?

Spotlights are defined as light sources at STEINEL. That's why most of the spotlights receive the new energy label and information that goes beyond the EU standard.

According to the new regulation, lights at STEINEL are defined as ambient products and therefore do not have an energy label. STEINEL provides information that is 100% transparent and far exceeds the legal requirements.


EPREL database

EPREL is an electronic database for energy-related products, in which all products marketed in the European Union with energy labels are uniformly recorded. It consists of a non-public part for suppliers, EU and market surveillance and a public part, which is freely accessible for everyone.

You as a customer can view information in this database such as manufacturer data, label, model identifier as well as energy efficiency class and thus compare different models and find the most suitable, most efficient product for your application.

We take a step further


With the new directive, the European Union is aiming to further reduce energy consumption and provide a better overview through rescaling. At STEINEL, we welcome the European Union's changes and are going one step further: with the customer in focus, we have added important information to our packaging and product detail page to ensure greater transparency and better comparability.

We inform you about:

  • the lumen rating for the overall product
  • the lumen rating  for the LED system
  • the standby consumption of the sensor

Sustainability at STEINEL

At STEINEL, we see it as our corporate and social responsibility to live sustainability.