Frequently asked questions

Connected lights and spotlights

Which products can be interconnected?

All STEINEL Bluetooth products, whether outdoor light, spot or floodlight, can be interconnected. Other Bluetooth product makes, however, cannot be interconnected with STEINEL products.

Can you integrate these products into a smart home system?

At the moment, they can't be integrated into a smart home system, but our developers are working on ways of resolving the problem.

What distance do I need to allow between the products?

The minimum distance for Cube lights and the 800-series is 5 m to avoid inadvertent activation by the iHF sensors. But if you do ever wish to install the products more closely together, simply deactivate the sensor on every second product via an app. For all other products, there is no need to observe any minimum distance. The maximum distance between any product should not be any more than 30 m.

How many products can I interconnect?

In theory, any number of products can be interconnected. However, a new network should be opened if you are interconnecting more than 100 products.

How well is the wireless control system protected from unauthorised access?

A password can be set for both the installation level and the user level. This can prevent unauthorised access. Alternatively, Bluetooth access can be completely deactivated and will only be reactivated for 60 minutes after a power reset.

Can the products also be set without an app or smartphone?

The Cube-series products can be set on the product itself and also using the app. All other products can only be operated via the app.

Why has STEINEL opted for Bluetooth?

To begin with, Bluetooth is a standard that has proven its high level of communication reliability for many years, it is available on virtually every terminal device and, supporting the low-energy standard, uses an extremely low level of energy - much less than Wi-Fi, for example. Then, of course, it requires no bridge/gateway in the way that other wireless protocols do, such as Zigbee.