Outdoor radiator

How does an infrared radiator work?


Infrared sensors react to the heat radiation of moving people and switch, for example: the lighting on and off again after an adjustable time.


Every body with a temperature above absolute zero (-273.5°C) emits electromagnetic radiation. In the case of human temperature range, this radiation is in the infrared range. The so-called passive infrared motion detectors use this fact.

The heart of the infrared sensor technology is a so-called pyrosensor. This electronic module reacts when the infrared heat radiation within its detection range changes, i.e. when a person enters the detection range. The resulting voltage jump is converted by the system into an electronic pulse that switches the light.


The range of STEINEL infrared sensors depends on the direction of movement. On average, the range is approx. 12m with tangential movement (parallel to the sensor), which is shortened with radial movement (towards the sensor).