Motion detector

What should be considered with motion detectors?


Before buying a motion detector should consider where and for what it will be used. Considering the technical data and other important information (eg, warranty conditions), the appropriate model is selected.


For the motion detector to function optimally, the following instructions should be observed.

  • With tangential movement (transverse), a very large number of zones are traversed. The IR sensors achieve large ranges.
  • In the case of radial movement (towards the sensor), zones are only crossed very late, which results in significantly reduced ranges.
  • Since the detector divides the detection area into different sectors, positioning plays a major role. The motion detector should be installed in such a way that as many zones as possible are passed through during everyday movements in order to achieve optimum functionality.
  • The higher the motion detector is mounted, the larger the detection area becomes: However, as the passive and active areas of the sensor become larger with increasing height, the sensitivity decreases sharply.
  • Objects moving in the wind should be considered before mounting.
  • Wärmequellen, wie z.B. Heizungen oder Klimaanlagen sollten vermieden werden
  • Infrarot-Bewegungsmelder schalten bis zu einer Temperatur von -25° Celsius zuverlässig


You should also customize your motion detector in terms of range, twilight settings and time so that it can function optimally according to your preferences.


The surface should be cleaned with a damp cloth (without detergent) when dirty.