Save power with solar

No energy costs and yet powerful light 365 days a year: The STEINEL XSolar Series

Solar lights that always work

STEINEL solar lights use the sun as a free source of energy and score with unparalleled energy efficiency thanks to their LED lighting system. Solar lights make you completely independent of the power grid when it comes to illuminating outdoor areas. 365 days a year. Our solar lights are the perfect companions for this. Without wiring, you can individually design your lighting concept and flexibly adapt your lighting to your needs. 


With the power of the sun - sustainable lighting.

With the power of the sun, you can switch to sustainable lighting. With solar lights you save energy costs and gain independence in installation. We rely on quality for our lights: for a long life and thus for the protection of our environment.

The most efficient solar lights in the world.

We asked ourselves what a solar light needs to be the best in the world. The answer: it must provide bright light when needed. 365 days a year. Even in extreme weather. With XSolar lights from STEINEL, you make no compromises, in summer or winter: No energy costs. No power connection. But with a special elegance.

Countless opportunities

Discover our solar highlights


Well lit gardens and paths

XSolar GL-S - With the stand version of our efficiency solar light, you can also quickly and easily illuminate paths and other areas on your property at a later date - without having to lay power cables. Simply choose the appropriate height of the shapely stand and illuminate up to 20 sqm with bright LED light.


Modern design for your house wall

XSolar SOL-O - the sensor outdoor light makes any house wall shine with a modern look and soft ambient light. Optionally available with and without motion detector or also as a house number version.


Personalized for your home entrance

My XSolar LH-N - Personalize your house number light individually with your house number and your family or street name. This way you will always be found quickly - by your visitors, by the mailman or, if necessary, by the emergency services.

Automatic light with twilight switch or motion detector

Our solar lights give you light when you need it. For this, we have equipped them with motion detectors or dimmer switches. The motion detectors automatically turn on the light when they detect motion, so you can move safely in the dark. Twilight switches automatically turn on basic lighting when darkness sets in. This allows you to set stylish accents on your property even without movement. No matter what you need, we have the right solar light for you.

Our promise of quality

What characterizes a good solar light?

Solar lights are only fun if they provide enough light and that too regardless of the weather. That's why we focus on quality! With our XSolar lights, every single component contributes to the high-grade efficiency of the solar lights. Solar technology converts solar energy into electrical energy. So using solar energy to generate electricity for lighting around your home and garden is an economical and environmentally conscious decision. We have combined advanced solar technology with an economical LED lighting system to create the most efficient solar lights in the world: XSolar. The high-end lights stand for energy efficiency at the highest level - and in timelessly elegant designs that enhance any outdoor area.


High quality solar panel

The cornerstone is laid by state-of-the-art solar technology with a monocrystalline solar panel, which is significantly more efficient than polycrystalline or amorphous solar panels and thus enables charging even when it is cloudy.


Ideal power supply without cables

In combination with the intelligent control of the solar lights via our patented software, the LED technology ensures that the energy generated is optimally utilized. A lithium-ferrum battery also provides up to 60 days of light reserve.


High-end sensor technology meets LED light

However, since solar cells provide relatively little power, we decided to combine them with our in-house LED system. LEDs already consume less power than conventional light sources. The solar lights are even more economical with energy when the light is controlled by sensor technology.

MissionXSolar - Experience solar lights that always work

XSolar lights from STEINEL work anytime, anywhere. Summer and winter. 365 days a year. Without any electricity at all. As part of our MissionXSolar, we selected remote locations and deployed the XSolar where other solar lights give up. It wasn't always easy, but it was always successful:

Solar lights

Frequently asked questions

How does a solar light work?
Each solar light has a solar cell consisting of processed silicon. STEINEL solar lights feature the monocrystalline solar panel, which is highly efficient compared to polycrystalline and amorphous solar panels and can convert solar energy even when it is cloudy.
In the cell, the supply of light and heat (solar energy) releases positive and negative charge carriers, generating electric current (photovoltaics) that, in the case of STEINEL solar lights, charges a lithium-ferrum battery. In some products, this has a lighting reserve of up to 60 days at 20 switching operations per night, 2500 mAh capacity and is temperature-resistant from -20 to +40 degrees.
The battery feeds the STEINEL LED system from the converted solar energy, which can illuminate an area of up to 30sqm with 150 lumens at 1.2W. The highest efficiency is 124 lm/W.
STEINEL solar lights also feature a powerful infrared sensor that switches light only when it's really needed. The 140-degree sensor with Fresnel lens integrates perfectly into the design. 
To make the solar lights even more efficient, STEINEL has built software into the light that sets up a permanent automatic demand analysis and takes care of reserve control.
How long do solar lights burn?

With their high-quality rechargeable batteries and, in particular, the combination of twilight sensors, motion detectors and LED bulbs, solar lights from STEINEL can achieve a lighting reserve of up to 60 days with 20 switching operations per night. Thanks to their weather resistance, they are guaranteed to work, come wind or weather. 

How long do solar lights take to light up?

Before using the solar light for the first time, the battery is completely discharged. To prevent permanently minimized battery performance, the battery must be fully charged before the first use. In principle, solar lights can light up after the first few minutes of converting solar energy, but only for a very short time. The solar lamp should charge all day so that it has enough energy to shine at night.

How to charge solar lights?

Solar lights do not need manual charging. The electric current generated by solar energy is stored in a lithium-ferrum battery during the day, so that it can power the lamp at night when it is in motion. Some lights can be charged in advance via a mini-USB cable. 

Why do solar lights only glow in the dark?

Solar lights can shine at any time of day, just like other lights. However, the light is only of use to the consumer from a certain level of daylight. Thanks to integrated twilight sensors, solar lights from STEINEL start to shine when they are really needed. Above all, solar lights need the time of day so that there is enough electrical energy for the night.

How to dispose solar lights?

Solar lights must not be disposed of with general household and residual waste, as they contain electronic components and rechargeable batteries. Since the consumer is legally obligated to dispose of these parts properly, there are collection points at the municipal level or they can be returned to the dealer.


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