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STEINEL lighting solutions in the garden season

Is your garden suitably prepared for the gardening season? With the skillful setting of atmospheric light accents you create coziness and the right atmosphere for long evenings outdoors and have a beautiful view of the garden even on cooler rainy days. With our intelligent garden lights, you combine functional and aesthetic garden lighting for the different areas in the garden. Get inspired and enjoy the garden season together with us!
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The right choice

This is what you should consider when buying

Also in the illumination of the garden applies: less is sometimes more. Light should therefore be used selectively to create a cozy atmosphere. At the same time, it is important to pay attention to durable quality. In the outdoor area, the lights are exposed to the weather. Therefore, you should only use luminaires made of robust material and with a certain degree of protection (IP). The protection class indicates the degree of protection of housings and covers against external influences, such as contact or the penetration of foreign bodies and water. Outdoors, a luminaire with IP 44 protection is sufficiently protected against rain and splashing water, as well as the penetration of solid foreign bodies > 1mm. In addition, when laying power cables in the garden, ensure a depth of at least 60 cm to protect the cables from general gardening work, e.g. with a spade.


Spot lighting

Set individual light accents

Especially ornamental woods, tall grasses, beautifully grown trees or sculptures are ideal for spot illumination from below. With our discreet, modern Spotlights Spot Garden you skillfully set individual accents in the garden. The Spots Garden can be used anywhere in the garden, if necessary, they can be flexibly repositioned due to their ground spike and power plug. You can make the settings conveniently and easily via app and thus always adapt to your needs. On rainy days even without leaving the house.


For more safety

Illumination of paths, terraces and ponds

When you spend the evenings in the garden, it is even more important that you can move safely in it. Therefore, it is essential to sufficiently illuminate stepping areas such as steps, paths and the edge of the terrace. For this purpose, path lights are ideally suited, which illuminate the paths, steps and outlines from above. Paths that run along the wall of the house can be stylishly illuminated with the wall lights of the Spot series or the cubes of the Cube series. Our lights with twilight sensors automatically turn on at dusk and off in the morning. Integrated motion detectors ensure that the light switches on fully when needed. This way, you avoid tripping hazards and can move safely in the garden at any time of day or night. In addition, basic lighting in the garden also keeps uninvited guests from entering your property.

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No power? No problem!

Illuminate even the darkest corner without electricity with solar lights

Solar lights not only have the advantage that they are particularly energy-saving and therefore good for our environment and our wallet. In addition, they offer the possibility to quickly and easily bring light into the darkest corners of the garden, even if there is no power connection within reach. Did you know that insects are not necessarily attracted to light, but to heat? Since solar lights don't heat up, pesky insects stay away. Our solar lights provide sensor-controlled light 365 days a year. Thanks to the high-quality solar panels and a battery light reserve of up to 60 days, they also manage in shady areas, are quickly mounted and immediately ready for use.


Functional lighting

Tool sheds, carports and garages

Even if these areas are not necessarily among the most beautiful corners of the garden, you often need reliable lighting here as well when you move around outdoors in the dark. Provided that you do not want stylish, permanent accents, but rather functional lighting when needed, LED spotlights with integrated motion detectors are best suited for this purpose. These switch on the light from the preset ambient brightness as soon as they detect movement. The light then switches off again after the individually definable time. This prevents lights from being left on unintentionally, while still giving you the security of reliable lighting when needed. If you prefer light control via a switch, you can also use spotlights without motion detectors.


Light meets life

So beautiful

The staging of garden and outdoor areas is significantly influenced by the right light. Discover our Cube series and learn how you can make your home even more inviting with attractive looks, maximum lighting comfort and technical sophistication. 

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