Interior lights

Lighting solutions for an automatically better life

Intelligent light for hallways, stairwells, bathrooms, cellars or garages for greater convenience, safety and energy efficiency thanks to automatic switching on and off.

Interior lights - At STEINEL, we focus on enriching your home with innovative technology and comfort. Our mission: to make your life inside your home easier through intelligent lighting design. Imagine your hands are full and the light switches on automatically as you climb the stairs - this is just one of many situations where our indoor lights make the difference. Our products impress with their simple installation, timeless design and impressive durability. Thanks to state-of-the-art high-frequency sensor technology, our lights fit seamlessly into any room and ensure that you have light exactly when you need it - day after day, year after year.

Intelligent light in every situation

Discover intelligent light for your home with our STEINEL sensor indoor lights. They not only provide lighting for hallways, stairwells, bathrooms, cellars or garages, but are also equipped with the latest, resource-saving LED technology and high-precision sensors. These intelligent lights bring safety, comfort and energy efficiency to your home, while saving you energy costs at the same time. Simply choose the right product from our range and enjoy the perfect lighting solution for your home.

RS 200 SC

Fully networked. Smart all round. This is how connected lighting works.

The RS 200 SC, our first Bluetooth-enabled STEINEL Connect indoor light, offers simple operation via Bluetooth, an elegant design in an anthracite-colored aluminum housing, and 360° high-frequency sensor technology. It creates a pleasant atmosphere with its ambient light and is available with or without a sensor.



High-quality and elegant in every corner.

Simple, straightforward, elegant: with the RS D2 S designer indoor light, you can bring a real design highlight with pleasant LED light into your home. This light offers optimum living comfort thanks to its outstanding design and intelligent technology. Once installed, it switches on and off automatically and silently thanks to the high-frequency sensor.



Tasteful design for indoors.

Ideal for use on walls and ceilings indoors: the RS M1 S combines ambient light, powerful illumination and intelligent technology. Equipped with an integrated high-frequency sensor, it ensures low electricity costs and bright eyes, while optimum illumination and elegant ambient light create a special atmosphere.


RS 20 S

Circular and flat - with the potential to become a classic.

The perfect shape. The perfect efficiency. The perfect sensor LED interior light. The RS 20 S blends harmoniously into corridors, hallways and stairwells. It combines timeless design and simple installation with pioneering technology and maximum efficiency. Up to ten luminaires can be networked together via cable. Soft light start and ambient light ensure an atmospheric light pattern.


RS 16 L S

Inexpensive. Reliable. Free choice of E27 light source.

The RS 16 L S not only offers you a functional design and atmospheric light, but also flexibility with the light source. Thanks to the screwless glass mounting with bayonet catch, you can replace the light source easily and without tools. Ideal for corridors, hallways or stairwells, it can be mounted both on the ceiling and on the wall.


RS 16 S

A classic on the outside. Modern LEDs inside.

A technological leap for one of our most popular and cost-effective sensor indoor lights: The RS 16 S combines the latest LED technology, high-frequency sensor and networkability for increased convenience. Its simple design fits perfectly in hallways, hallways or stairwells, while the plastic dome ensures atmospheric light distribution.

Special features of the interior lights


Sensor LED interior lights for automatic light
With the integrated high-frequency sensors, the indoor lights switch light safely and automatically whenever it is needed. The best thing is that the high-precision sensors are invisibly built into the interior light.


Maximum flexibility
Our range gives you the freedom to choose: whether you prefer indoor lights with the familiar E27 socket or those with economical, long-lasting LEDs - decide what suits you best.


Intelligent networking
Our indoor lights offer you flexibility in networking. Choose between the convenient Bluetooth connection for wireless freedom or reliable cable networking for simultaneous switching of the lights.


Reliable and functional
The LEDs in the indoor lights are designed for a service life of around 30 years and will therefore provide excellent service in the home for decades. Best of all, with a manufacturer's guarantee of 3 years on all indoor lights, you are on the safe side.

FAQ Interior lights

Any questions?

What are the advantages of sensor indoor lights?
Sensor indoor lights offer a combination of convenience, safety and energy efficiency. They are equipped with state-of-the-art high-frequency sensor technology that automatically provides light when it is needed. This saves energy and costs while creating a smart and adaptable lighting experience in your home.
How do I choose the right interior light for my home?
First think about which room the lamp should be placed in and what mood you want to create. Warm light is perfect for the living room, while bright light is better in the kitchen. Also think about the room size and ceiling height to find the perfect lamp in terms of size and brightness.
What types of interior lights does STEINEL offer?
STEINEL offers a diverse range of interior lights, including models with integrated LED light sources as well as lights with traditional E27 sockets. Our product range includes designs for various applications such as hallways, stairwells, bathrooms and basements, with features such as Bluetooth connectivity and energy-saving LED technology.
What guarantee does STEINEL offer on interior lights?
STEINEL offers a manufacturer's guarantee of 3 years on all interior lights.