Apprenticeship as an Electronics Engineer VET (EFZ)  Thanks to you, products become intelligent! 

Electronics Engineers are at home in the MEM industries. The mechanical, electrical and metal industry is versatile and globally orientated. A 4-year apprenticeship as an Electronics Engineer opens up many job opportunities at home and abroad. Electronics Engineers are also sought-after professionals in the chemical industry, building automation and in highly automated production plants.


What an Electronics Engineer does

You manufacture electronic devices or systems, programme and develop innovative solutions. Electronics Engineers often work together with engineers. You have an overview of exciting manufacturing processes and are at the forefront when it comes to technical innovations. Depending on your interests, you can specialise in software, measurement technology, PCB design, project management, production or development.


Requirement profile

You have mastered your training well so far, because the subjects at the vocational college build on this! They include technical basics (maths, computer science, learning and working techniques, physics), technical English, materials/drawing technology, electrical engineering, electronics and hardware/software technology.


Training «on the job»

Our apprentices work independently on exciting projects. The interdisciplinary collaboration with other apprentices from the construction field is particularly great. We present the projects.



Technische Berufsschule Zurich (TBZ)

As one of the largest vocational schools in Switzerland, the Technische Berufsschule Zurich trains apprentices in 16 different professions, including Electronics Engineers VET (EFZ).


Berufsmaturitätsschule Zurich

We support our trainees in their desire to additionally complete the BMS. Successful completion of the vocational baccalaureate entitles the holder to study a relevant subject at a university of applied sciences.


RAU Regionales Ausbildungszentrum Au

The inter-company courses in the vocational field of electronics take place at the RAU Regionales Ausbildungszentrum Au.


What do (former) apprentices say about training at STEINEL Solutions?


Apprentice Electronics Engineer

Nicola Herzog


Apprentice Electronics Engineer

Kilian Birchler


Apprentice Electronics Engineer

Samuel Bruhin


Former Apprentice Electronics Engineer

Felix Kälin


Former Apprentice Electronics Engineer

Selim Willinger


Former Apprentice Electronics Engineer

Simon Gabriel


Apprentice Electronics Engineer

Gian Cavegn

Who will guide you through your apprenticeship in electronics?


My name is Andy Zehnder and I was born in Einsiedeln in 1977. Even as a small boy, I was a «wonder nose» and took many things apart to find out how they worked.

I started my career back then at Landis&Gyr with an apprenticeship as an Electronics Engineer. After subsequently studying to become an Electronics Engineer at the HSR, I worked in various positions in development and ended up back at STEINEL Solutions in 2016. My area of responsibility is in the field of hardware and software development for OEM products.

Since 2018, I have been enthusiastically responsible for training our Electronics Engineers. I really enjoy working with the apprentices and passing on the basics, knowledge and my experience in connection with exciting projects.

I like to spend my free time outdoors, hiking in summer and telemark skiing in winter. However, I don't want to miss out on technology and craftsmanship in my free time either. I am involved in various projects such as the extension of my camping bus or the home automation system I developed myself.

Andreas Zehnder, Vocational trainer specialising in electronics

Impressions from everyday working life


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