Cooperation with a local foundation

A special supplier –

a great pleasure!

A hermit foundation as supplier – the STEINEL Solutions refers regularly services with the BSZ foundation in Einsiedeln and makes thereby a contribution that the integration of humans with handicap succeeds.

At the Einsiedeln site, around 135 people with disabilities work for the BSZ foundation, including in the area of industrial production. In this area, the BSZ foundation provides a wide range of services for its customers, from CNC machining and manual assembly to packaging work - and all this with different materials and in various series sizes. STEINEL Solutions is one of these customers and has been purchasing several services from the BSZ foundation for many years.

Shielding plate High-frequency sensors with foil

Every year, 300-400,000 foils are glued into shielding sheets by BSZ employees. This work has been reliably implemented by the BSZ foundation since December 2018.


High frequency sensors in tray

Every year, around 500,000 small antennas are filled into trays of 1,320 pieces by hand, which is an enormous benefit at STEINEL Solutions because our machine can remove the antennas quickly and precisely, optimising the process in several respects at once.


Hybrid printed circuit boards

STEINEL delivers cut PCBs to the BSZ. BSZ sorts these into STEINEL-specific trays so that Hybird PCBs can then be soldered automatically in the SMD line. A total of 600 PCBs are delivered in one magazine.

A pleasant cooperation

«The BSZ foundation is a great support for us with magazine and press work. The services are always carried out precisely and on time. Communication is uncomplicated and friendly. I appreciate the cooperation very much and am pleased that both parties can benefit from each other.» 

Loris Bisig - Disposition, STEINEL Solutions


Integration through orders

«We are very pleased that we can do our quality work for customers from the region. Accuracy and concentration are important learning areas from which our employees benefit. With its orders, STEINEL Solutions makes a significant contribution to maintaining meaningful jobs for people with an impairment. This is how integration succeeds.» 

Roger Dettling - Department Manager, BSZ foundation


«I am constantly looking for solutions to make our highly flexible SMD placement machines even more efficient. Personally, I really enjoy the various projects that we work on with BSZ and I'm pleased that the BSZ employees also enjoy doing this work.»

Roman Schuler - production manager, STEINEL Solutions