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Our development competences at a glance

  • Electronics
  • Mechanics
  • Design & Feasibility Study
  • Assembly & testing concept
  • Prototypes
  • Tooling & equipment
  • Approval management
  • Packaging concept

Development portrait of STEINEL Solutions AG

The requirements for products have changed over the years in many industries - today they have to be intelligent and networkable. The buzzwords building automation, data monitoring, Internet of Things, Bluetooth Mesh, to name but a few, are omnipresent. 


As a true one-stop shop with a set-up that is virtually unique in Europe, STEINEL Solutions offers its customers a complete package of consulting, product development, industrialisation and manufacturing - all from a single source. The company has developed into an OEM specialist within the STEINEL Group, which as a pioneer in the field of motion and presence detectors has a wealth of expertise.

The advantages for OEM customers are numerous and convincing: single point of contact, reduction of complexity and interfaces, shortened supply chain, agility in project development, rapid market entry, scalability of production, to name but the most important. Thanks to STEINEL's «Made in Europe» manufacturing strategy with a high level of vertical integration in the electronics and plastics sectors, the focus is also on other cutting-edge aspects such as Switzerland as a place to work, local for locals, sustainability, CO2 balance, TCO.

In the field of product development, STEINEL Solutions brings many years of experience and expertise in several areas at once: broad knowledge of sensor technology and integration in products, IoT connection with various wireless technologies, low power management and approval management. At STEINEL, we work together very successfully in several interdisciplinary development teams and cover the areas of hardware and firmware development, PCB design, mechanical development, test equipment development and test engineering. Thanks to the different areas of specialisation, a high degree of flexibility is guaranteed with regard to the field of application and the requirements of the development projects. In addition, the broad expertise of a further 60 engineers from the STEINEL Group can be accessed as required. If customer projects require specific areas of expertise that cannot be covered internally or within the Group, we have a network of external service providers.

STEINEL Solutions' range of technologies is broad and deep enough to equip almost any system solution with the right sensor technology and cover a wide variety of applications. In addition to sensor technology, the company has acquired a wealth of expertise over the years in communication technologies, signal processing and wireless (short- and long-range) and wired networking of devices, with a focus on networking in buildings. Furthermore, the company excels in consulting for test coverage and the necessary test equipment and has proven experience in the customer-specific and cost-optimised design of manufacturing and testing processes.

Thanks to modern laboratory equipment, which includes an EMC laboratory, high-frequency measurement equipment, prototype assembly, climate chamber, 3D printer and a mechanical workshop, prototypes and preliminary tests can be carried out in-house. Here, too, the infrastructure in the group, including an expanded EMC laboratory with GTEM cell, optics laboratory, standards-specific test rooms, IP protection class tests, multi-component 3D printer and 3D scanner can additionally be accessed. 


And the wheel does not always have to be reinvented. In April 2021, the company launched a successful product portfolio with sensors for light installation running under the «SENSOTEC» brand. In addition, a large number of existing solutions, product or technology platforms from STEINEL serve as the basis for OEM variants with the minimum requirement of optical and/or functional modification.

At STEINEL Solutions, great importance is attached to proximity and a shared understanding of values as well as a customer-supplier relationship based on partnership as a key factor for successful product development. As a result, customer projects are handled in close, well-rehearsed cooperation between development teams, the externally oriented customer teams - consisting of project manager, project buyer and technical office - and the customers themselves. Modern and agile project methods, FMEAs, stage-gate product development process as well as process reviews promise a high quality of the developed products.

STEINEL Solutions' many references from a wide range of industries show that customers are more than satisfied with the services and agility, and that the combination of expertise in sensor technology and communication, coupled with experience in the industrialisation of products, brings enormous benefits. For example, STEINEL Solutions has developed the testing and test equipment technology for Rittmeyer AG's precision angle encoders, height measurement using ToF sensors and control of the height-adjustable mechanism for a leading coffee machine manufacturer, or a high-frequency proximity and trigger sensor for an electronic WC actuating plate for TECE GmbH, to name just a few successful product developments.


«Developing products for clients from different markets with changing challenges makes our work incredibly exciting and varied. Our range of expertise and services brings huge benefits and advantage to clients.»

Stefan Walker, Head of OEM Engineering