Complete device assembly of biometric access devices

Modern access control «Made in Switzerland» – STEINEL produces the customized biometric solutions from Touchless Biometric Systems AG as part of a full outsourcing arrangement. 

Touchless Biometric Systems AG sources equipment assembly of touch-based biometric terminals from STEINEL Solutions. The Swiss company has established itself as a national biometrics market leader in the fields of access control and time and attendance.

In addition to working with a local partner, TBS also appreciates STEINEL Solutions' vast experience in terms of integrating high-quality products with high quality requirements into modern production. The great depth of development and production with innovative character available at STEINEL Solutions opens doors for further new projects and products.  

Ivo Meuli, Business Development Manager at STEINEL Solutions sums up: «The products we are privileged to manufacture for TBS require a mix of qualified staff and a production line tailored to the specific requirements. STEINEL Solutions is a local partner and has a team that thinks, anticipates and meets challenges with solutions. This mix and the trust in the partner make the cooperation with TBS successful!»


  • Creation and partial automation of production lines for existing products
  • Process optimisation 
  • Advice on procurement issues
  • Scalable and customer-related batch sizes
  • Advice on cost optimization

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«STEINEL Solutions AG combines expertise and a modern production infrastructure that allows our company to scale quickly and professionally. In addition, STEINEL provides us with important know-how in the areas of industrialisation, manufacturing and product quality as a one-stop shop. We work with STEINEL because it simply works.»

Patrick Knuchel, COO at Touchless Biometric Systems AG
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Ivo Meuli
Business Development
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