SENSOTEC in use – Offers an easy way to update your products with precise sensor intelligence.



The basis for installation are luminaires which you have either already designed or possibly even made - or other products that you want to equip with sensor technology. Available with various connections, our built-in sensors are compatible with several protocols. Your product is now in a position, for example, to communicate via Bluetooth.

Examples of products with SENSOTEC

  • oem-solutions-sensormodul-960x540.jpg
    Sensor Module
  • oem-solutions-spiegelschrank.png
    Sensors in Mirror Cabinets
  • oem-solutions-tiefgarage.jpg
    Underground car park lighting
  • oem-solutions-feuchtraumleuchte2-960x540.jpg
    Moisture-proof Luminaire
  • oem-solutions-ledanbauleuchte-960x540.jpg
    LED surface mounted light
  • oem-solutions-sensotecimeinsatz-960x540.jpg
    Model building
  • oem-solutions-pendelleuchte-960x540.jpg
    Sensor technology in pendant light
  • oem-solutions-waschtischarmatur2-960x540.jpg
    Washbasin Fitting
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