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Intelligent lighting solutions for buildings

Sensors from the latest NET generation – SOLO Greentec GmbH uses our STEINEL sensors for the IoT platform SOLOBLU® Fusion. SENSOTEC PIR NET and HB PIR 3360 sensors are used. SOLO Greentec uses, among other things, our hardware and has implemented its own software.


Reduction of operating costs compared to a conventional DALI control between 75-90%.

With SOLOBLU®, SOLO Greentec has developed an IoT platform that goes far beyond a conventional sensor application. The networking of sensors and the reading of luminaire usage data opens up many new features that can offer customers real added value. Energy data monitoring, workspace management, predictive maintenance and motion heat maps are trend-setting product enhancements and typically reduce existing operating costs by 75-90%. Thanks to this sensor-based solution, lighting responds dynamically to building usage while maximizing energy efficiency.

Due to the implemented mesh technology, the system forms an intelligent backbone in existing as well as new buildings for a variety of IoT applications such as:

  • Energy data collection
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Indoor navigation
  • Tracking of people and objects
  • Space utilization analysis for HVAC optimization
  • Motion Heatmaps
  • Workplace Management

Verwendete Produkte


Sensor PIR NET

Small. Flat. Compact. Unobtrusive presence detector. 360° passive infrared sensor with a presence range of 4 x 4m (presence and radial movement) or 6 x 6m (tangential movement). With patented Fresnel lens.


Sensor HB PIR 3360 Wire NET

Free from giddiness. Long range. Reliable. Ideal for high ceilings in industrial halls or commercial properties. For mounting heights of up to 14 m. High-precision 360° infrared sensor. Maximum detection area with 36 m diameter. For monitoring up to 1000 sqm.


The mesh sensors have circular 360° or rectangular detection areas - depending on the application. Via Bluetooth wireless mesh communication, the devices can be set up and grouped to offer customers maximum flexibility. The specially developed IR lens paired with the powerful PIR sensor guarantee maximum sensor performance (Fig.: Warehouse lighting).

✓ Light sensor & constant light control

✓ Wireless communication via Bluetooth Mesh

✓ DALI compatible

✓ Group configuration via software for area, rooms or the entire building

✓ User-defined lighting groups with configurable behavior (up to 16 DALI-2 ECGs)

Used technologies

  • oem-solutions-sensotec-referenz-gebäude-infrared-passive-744x488.jpg
    Passive Infrared (PIR)
    Steinel multi-lens technology is visually reminiscent of the compound eye of a fly. It enables seamless monitoring of a hemispherical detection area and covers detection angles from 180° to 360° as the optimum lens system for motion detectors with double or triple sensors.
  • oem-solutions-sensotec-referenz-gebäude-youtube-video-744x488.jpg
    SOLOBLU® Fusion in use
    In the new headquarter at Drees & Sommer in Stuttgart
  • oem-solutions-sensotec-referenz-gebäude-logo-soloblu-744x488.jpg
    SOLOBLU® Web and Mobile App
    Fast installation and commissioning: Wireless networking of the luminaires reduces the installation effort and makes planning easier and more flexible, especially in existing buildings. The appropriate settings can be easily parameterized in the specially developed software platform.

«Digitization - made easy. This guiding principle motivated us to create a unique system: SOLOBLU®. Wired building digitization with highly complex programming and addressing was yesterday. With SOLOBLU® we are heralding the future. A future in which buildings only consume the energy they absolutely need with minimal use of hardware - because only when a building knows its use can it actually save energy. SOLOBLU® is an intelligent network of sensors and actuators that make it possible to digitize any analog building and massively reduce operating costs.»

Anatolio Solo, Managing Director at SOLO Greentec GmbH
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