Product Development

Interdisciplinary development teams work for the success of your products.

Communication and sensor technologies are our strength. – Building on our strong technology base, we integrate technologies that make our customers' products more connected, mobile and efficient.

We design customised product applications and tailor-made solutions. The areas of application for new sensor and communication technologies are diverse. With the advantage that products and systems become more intelligent and increase efficiency in terms of energy, resources and costs.

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    A strong sensor technology base.
    Sensor technologies
    Based on our strong sensor technology base, we produce and integrate sensor technologies for a wide range of applications and industries that make life more efficient, more comfortable and safer.
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    Integrate products into the IoT world.
    Communication technologies
    Communication between sensors and devices or to a central location opens up new possibilities for a wide range of applications, including user operation, configuration, networking and data exchange.
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    Electronics development
    Our specialists in the disciplines of hardware and firmware development and PCB design integrate sensor technologies into your products. No matter what application you are planning, our technology portfolio is broad and deep enough to equip any system solution with the right sensor technology.
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    Mechanical development
    We design mechanical systems and components and take care of prototype and sample construction. When designing components, selecting suitable materials and integrating functionalities, we focus on the requirements for performance, safety and cost-effectiveness.
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    Operating & test equipment development
    We manufacture operating and testing equipment for the industrial manufacture of your products and thus enable the optimisation of production processes. In addition to increasing efficiency and precision, quality assurance is made possible through testing and measurement.

From the idea to the market launch. With everything that goes with it.

As a one-stop-shop partner, we accompany our customers from their ideas to the finished, marketable product. We enter into a project with you flexibly, depending on where you are in the product development process at any given time.

Low power management

Saving energy is a must today.With our low power applications, we reduce the energy requirements of your products and thus help to protect the environment.Battery-operated devices with a service life of up to 10 years is our claim.Whether primary or secondary cells, we know the properties and use the right energy storage devices. We also integrate charging circuits or solar cells directly into your products.


Compliance management

We support you with certification or take care of this on your behalf.Starting with research if the standard requirements are not yet clearly defined at the start of a project. We develop your products in such a way that we can get through the certification process in a targeted manner, carry out preliminary EMC and safety testing of your products in our internal laboratories and liaise with external testing institutes to carry out further measurements.We are also very familiar with the RED (Radio Equipment Directive).

IoT, energy monitoring, wireless radio networking, Bluetooth mesh, connectivity - these buzzwords are becoming increasingly widespread in the industry. Thanks to our specialists, we are right in the thick of it as your OEM partner!

Our development portrait

Why STEINEL Solutions as a product development partner?


The requirements for products have changed over the years in many industries - today they have to be intelligent and networkable. The buzzwords building automation, data monitoring, Internet of Things and Bluetooth Mesh, to name but a few, are omnipresent. In addition to technology and expertise, the human factor continues to play an important role, and methods and customer relationships are other key factors. 

Why now is the right time to invest in product development and why STEINEL Solutions is recommended as an OEM partner.

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Head of OEM Engineering
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