Steinel Stories – Let us introduce ourselves. 

These are our Steinel stories, faces and stories from our everyday lives - across all business areas, teams and topics. We rise to current challenges, get involved, rock the business world and orient ourselves uncompromisingly to our projects and products. This so that we can offer our customers the highest quality and reliability, because our employees are the basis for a successful and joyful cooperation! 

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    Josef Reichmuth, IT Management
    When employees are in the home office from one day to the next, it is both a challenge and an opportunity, but above all, IT is needed! New software, modern collaboration tools, and an expansion of the bandwidth so that we could continue to serve our customers as usual. The security aspect could not be ignored. Now we realize: "Online" enables efficient and flexible collaboration, which I see as a great opportunity for the future.
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    Michele Bassi, Sales Manager DACH
    In today's business world it is important to show flexibility and to take innovative paths. In concrete terms, this means that I open up alternative sales channels to present our service portfolio to my contacts in a digital way. Digitization and social selling was not a foreign word to me, but actively using them was a challenge. Thanks to the great webinar organized by Swissmem, I am going into the future stronger. It simply takes different channels for our customers to find the right solution partner!
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    Florian Blöchlinger, Erika Thoma, Arthur Ott, Nicaury Nuñez - Customer Team
    We work in client teams to focus entirely on our clients and to maintain a high level of identification with products and projects. We live our values for product development and harmonize agility, quality, costs and speed! A good team spirit also helps here. If there is also a common understanding of values with our customers, the conditions are ideal for creating innovative products together.
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    Petra Giordano, Sales Assistant
    As a mother of two children, I really appreciate the fact that I can take on many exciting and challenging tasks at Steinel Solutions on a part-time basis with job sharing. In 2013 I started with a full-time workload at Steinel Solutions and only reduced it later. That's why my role has been constantly changing and renewing over the past few years - I think that's great! I feel part of the team and enjoy coming to work.
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    Marco Lang, CEO
    We live in an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world - the so-called VUCA world - with new opportunities and risks. These are more diverse, dynamic and networked than ever before and can arrive without much lead time. If we are to survive in the future, we must drive, promote and establish the digital transformation together with our partners and the entire STEINEL Group. This is a challenge - namely to set up the complex system both sustainably and successfully - and one I am happy to accept!
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    Tanja Heuberger, Procurement
    We do not buy parts indiscriminately. We buy the desired item at the best possible date and of course at the best price! Because we work in customer teams, we identify strongly with the customers assigned to us and their products. Our goal is to satisfy them with adherence to delivery dates, quality and competitively priced products. My tasks are very diversified and international, because besides suppliers from China we work intensively with local suppliers and distributors from Switzerland. The specific sourcing services for the benefit of the STEINEL Group round off my everyday work.
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    Andrea Lachner, Sales
    As a contact person in the area of customer-specific sensor technology for lighting & sanitary manufacturers such as building automation, I and my team are jointly responsible for the course of the project from innovative start-up to world market leader. The work is enormously exciting and complex, I am always at the pulse of time and sensor technology is no longer just sensor technology, but an intelligent and networked system consisting of different components, which must harmonize with each other without interference. Internet of Things has been with us for years in a wide variety of applications. I am convinced that I can present an exciting and innovative use case for each of my customers. Because almost every product can and will have to be transferred to the world of IoT in the future.
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    Robert Moser, Mechanics Engineering
    One of our competences at the Einsiedeln site is the mechanical development of plastic parts. Using the latest technologies such as 3D-CAD, we design housing parts for products according to the requirements of our customers. We also print the prototypes in-house and carry out the first tests such as drop tests IP test. As a OneStopShop specialist, we also do the tool making plastic injection moulding and industrialise the product! Thanks to our OEM products, my working day varies a lot. This makes my job in mechanical development more exciting, because every product and project is customer-specific and always challenges me anew.
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    Christian Müller, Head of Quality Management
    We are committed to the highest quality every day and try to achieve it in the best possible way. Quality is no coincidence, which is why we comply with the quality standard DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and the international environmental management standard ISO 14001:2015. Be it in terms of customer service, quality assurance or quality management, we in the quality department are constantly optimising in all areas. Our LEAN professionals are constantly developing new, creative approaches to reduce waste of all kinds - be it time, material or route. This optimizes internal processes in favor of process and product costs - so our customers also benefit.
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    Roman Schuler, Production
    Digitisation in incoming goods and modern industry means that components can be traced back to the manufacturer - and at Steinel Solutions we ensure this with the MODI Trace system! The scanning of manufacturer-specific labels and codes enables the shortest cycle times and leads to the highest reading accuracy, eliminating the risk of incorrect placement through visual checks and manual entries in incoming goods. All read information is assigned to an individualized, unique label that can be further processed by the production systems, thus enabling traceability to the components installed.
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    Stefan Walker, Head of OEM Engineering
    STEINEL stands for sensor technology. And STEINEL Solutions also stands for sensor technology. As a sensor pioneer, we deal with a wide variety of sensor technologies every day. After all, the future will be shaped more and more by sensor technology and networking. It's not just the sensor itself that decides on good and reliable values, but the harmony of signal acquisition, conditioning and processing. The interplay between hardware and firmware is concentrated in the hands of the developer, who understands the system as a whole and can therefore tailor the product exactly to the customer's needs.
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    Lukas Weilenmann, former apprentice
    I have very fond memories of my four-year training as an electronics engineer at Steinel Solutions. What I found particularly cool was that we were several trainees in the vocational training programme and that we were able to work on our own projects as a team, which brought a lot of variety into the developer's everyday life. Thanks to the competent support, this practical application brought me a lot for my future and I learned a lot. In the company we also gained insight into other areas, especially into electronics production, which rounded off my training.
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    Andreas Zehnder, Vocational Trainer Electronics
    We train young talents to become professionals in electronics and design. In the last ten years alone, we have accompanied more than 20 apprentices on their way into the working world. As an SME, I think we are a model training center in our industry and in Canton Schwyz, because in addition to their field of specialization, they also get extremely exciting insights into manufacturing and product development and can participate in cool projects that are used throughout the company!
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    Heiko Hartkamp, Head of Purchasing
    «If you don't move forward you begin to move backward!» - We have lived by this motto for many years. Constantly searching for innovative, future-oriented and sustainable solutions in the field of supply chain & procurement, we design new, transparent supply chains, especially in the age of digitalization. This enables us not only to operate efficiently and in a target-oriented manner, but also to react in a forward-looking manner to possible risks. With our reliable, long-term partners and a great team, even emerging turbulences are quickly absorbed.
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    Andreas Amstad, Procurement
    Thanks to BOM Connector, we are able to provide our customers and prospects with quotes for component assembly much more quickly and efficiently. At the same time, obsolescence and alternative management take on a whole new dimension. What was previously only possible through manual work is now done professionally and highly automated by the newly introduced software. This gives us the opportunity to concentrate on the A-parts and to develop market advantages for us and our customers' products. Digitalization increases our performance and our added value for existing and new customers. At the same time it underlines our top positioning in the industry.
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    Urban Diethelm, Lead New Product Introduction
    At our Einsiedeln site we have many years of experience with New Product Introduction. Our expertise in the areas of prototype construction of electronics, mechanics and plastics, test and equipment design as well as IP protection and EMC pre-testing enables us to seamlessly transfer our customers' products into series production and to make this as efficient, high-quality and flexible as possible. Likewise, since we offer all this in Einsiedeln, we can respond flexibly and at short notice to product changes and fluctuations in demand. Our NPI team is renowned for flexibility and time-to-market. For me this means coordinating with all important internal interfaces and overcoming new hurdles every day!