The new 4000 series.
Standard - only better.

Sensors that make day-to-day business easier. The new 4000 series motion and presence detectors meet the standard requirements of an electrician for an uncomplicated entry into the contract business. Their functions focus on frequently used requirements in everyday life, whether in the office, in the meeting room, at passageways or in large areas.

Infrared sensors with 360° detection


8 m range
(MD/PD 4360-8)


24 m range
(MD/PD 4360-24)


Installation height up to 4 m

The new 4000 series at a glance:

The 4000 Series comprises a range of motion and presence detectors in different versions. The MD/PD IR 4360-8 and MD/PD IR 4360-24 360-degree motion and presence detectors offer functions in top STEINEL quality. Each equipped with an 8 or 24 m range, they are versatile in use.

Motion detector

MD IR 4360-8 and MD IR 4360-24

Motion detector with COM1 interface for switching light

- Motion detection and light measurement
- Full and semi-automatic mode
- push button input
- Parallel connection of up to 10 sensors via L'
- IP 20 (flush-mounted and ceiling-mounted sensors) and IP 54 (surface-mounted sensors)


Presence detector

PD IR 4360-8 and PD IR 4360-24

Presence detector with COM1, KNX and DALI-2 IPD interface

- Motion, presence detection and light measurement
- Presence detector function
- Full and semi-automatic mode (COM1)
- Push button input (COM1)
- Black and white housing color
- IP 20 (flush-mounted and ceiling-recessed sensors) and IP 54 (surface-mounted sensors)


Magnet mechanism

Fast and uncomplicated assembly

Mounting the MD/PD IR 4360-8 and MD/PD IR 4360-24 motion and presence detectors is quick and easy. After installing the load module - regardless of whether it is a surface-mounted or flush-mounted version - the sensor head can simply be placed on the load module with just one "click" thanks to the magnetic mounting mechanism and can also be put down again if required. This not only makes initial installation quick and uncomplicated, but also simplifies subsequent adjustment of the detection range using the cover shells included in the scope of delivery.

Three different interfaces


COM1 interface

For switching light

- Switching of up to 500W LED (max. 50 pcs. LED)
- Parallel connection incl. L' detection via cable (10 pcs.)
- Push button input
- Presentation mode
- Test mode
- Full/semi-automatic
- Deactivation of FB
- 4h on/ 4h off

Run-on time: 5s – 60 Min.
Twilight threshold: 2 - 1000 lx


KNX interface

Digital BUS interface

Current consumption: 15 mA at 24 V
Twilight setting: 2 - 800 lx
Time setting: 10 Sek. - 18:12:15 hours

Entry-level KNX application:
- 2 x Light output (ON/OFF, dimming value scene)
- 2x constant light control with basic lighting
- 1x twilight switch
- HVAC output
- Presence output
- Absence output
- Logic gate
- Sabotage protection
- Day/night function


DALI-2 Input Device

Digitale BUS-Schnittstelle

Power consumption via DALI: 12mA at 16 V
(12-22,5V DC, no SELV)
DALI-2 certified according to IEC 62386

Info about DALI:
- DALI-2 Input Device
- Multimaster capable for communication with DALI-2 Application Controller/ DALI-2 Sensor.
- Transmission of the presence and brightness value information to a DALI Application Controller or a BMS


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You want all the most important information about our 4000 series at a glance? Our flyer provides you with an overview of all products and interfaces incl. the EAN as well as all the most important key features of the series.

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