•  HL 1821 S Set Case set
  •  HL 1821 S Set Case set
  •  HL 1821 S Set Case set
  •  HL 1821 S Set Case set
  •  HL 1821 S Set Case set
  •  HL 1821 S Set Case set
  •  HL 1821 S Set Case set

Hot air tool

HL 1821 S Set

Hot air tool

HL 1821 S Set Case set

EAN 4007841082147

HL 1821 S KF Set incl. 3 nozzles. Drying, welding, shaping, loosening, smoothing, foiling and much more - the new HL 1821 S hot air blower is an ideal helper for a wide range of smaller and larger everyday jobs around the home and garden. The powerful 1800 W blower is ready to go in just a few seconds with an air flow of up to 450 l/min. To achieve fast and perfect results when working with various materials, you can choose between the temperature levels 300°C and 550°C. The low weight and optimised centre of gravity ensure comfortable working even during longer periods of use. The compact hot-air all-rounder is always quickly to hand and helps, for example, when firing up barbecues, repairing tarpaulins, smoothing leather, peeling paint, removing weeds, shrinking cables, defrosting pipes, shaping plastic, drying plaster or waxing skis. With the extensive range of plug-in nozzles, you can expand the list of possibilities endlessly. The integrated thermal fuse provides reliable protection against overheating even during more intensive use and, together with the micanite heating, ensures a long service life - you get a 3-year STEINEL manufacturer's guarantee on it.


Defrost wire


Light barbecue


Remove paint


Bundle cables


Remove sticker


Plastic deformation


Shrink cable


Clean barbecue


Drying plaster


Refreshing plastic