Now available in the STEINEL Online Shop

Series 5 | For professional craftsmen who work quickly and flexibly

Developed for professional craftsmen: the MobileGlue 5011. With its short heat-up time, high adhesive quantity and temperature settings for different adhesives, it is perfect for professional use. For the necessary power, we rely on a powerful 18V battery system.


Now available in the STEINEL Online Shop

Series 3 | For the ambitious do-it-yourselfer

The two new series 3 hot glue guns with innovative technology make DIY jobs even easier and faster.


Now available in the STEINEL Online Shop

Series 1 | For hobbyists & DIY enthusiasts

Our tried and tested DIY tools in a new look. From the cordless glue gun for quick use to the corded all-round gun, there is something for all creative minds. The first series of our new hot glue range is now available exclusively in the online shop.

Better way to glue

Whether with or without cable - when it comes to solid connections, our handy and universally applicable hot glue guns deliver perfect results all round. Thanks to application-specific glue sticks, these high-quality all-rounders for leisure, hobby and work always ensure maximum hold with any materials.

Better bonding, more beautiful living - let yourself be inspired.


The small and handy STEINEL hot glue guns make crafting even more fun - especially with our cordless devices. Speaking of fun: In addition to our universal glue sticks, we also offer colorful as well as glitter glue sticks. Get crafting!


Embellish your home according to your mood. You can not only effortlessly attach materials with hot glue, but also create your own. Let your creativity run wild and give wreaths, vases, glasses and other decorative objects your own personal touch in no time.


Secure fastening made easy! With the professional hotmelt adhesive system, you are ideally equipped for all assembly work. Our adhesives are precisely matched to a wide variety of applications. They allow flexible adjustment during assembly, or fast connections at different temperatures and guarantee long-term stable hold.


Bring professional quality home with STEINEL hot glue guns. For spontaneous repairs that really last. Another advantage: Thanks to our various glue sticks in black, white, wood look and other variants, you always have the right solution ready for any application.


Different materials require different adhesives. Our high-quality hot glue guns matched, but also to all the challenges you face in the DIY everyday.

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