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Novus fastening technology - "We are committed to manufacturing products that help people reach their goal with ease. That is why our products are not only highly functional, but also easy and safe to operate. We want to speed up your work process and support your expert and precise work with the best possible tools. Our benchmark: to provide the perfect tacker for every task. For professional tradespeople, ambitious DIY enthusiasts and DIY experts."


Novus tacker assortment


Universally usable everywhere.

Flexible and creative. Hand staplers function mechanically and can therefore be used very flexibly. All our hand staple guns take A type 53 fine wire staples, and many take the D type 53 F flat wire staples. They can therefore be used universally on a wide variety of materials. Helpful features make the work easier. For example, the impact force adjustment for working with soft- and hardwood. 


Extremely quick and easy tacking

Hammer tackers are fast! These tackers, also known as hammer staplers, or hammer staple guns, are used like their namesake. Hammer tackers are a good choice whenever large quantities and high working speeds are required and precision is less important. They are particularly suitable for roof extensions and similar tasks, such as fastening roofing felt, bitumen shingles, underlays or sheeting.


Effortless tacking

Electric staple guns can tackle large quantities in a short time, without any effort. They enable powerful tacking, are suitable for time-consuming work and protect your joints. Electric staple guns, also known as electric nailers or electric tackers, are ideal for regular, universal use – especially in the garden. Comfort and safety are the focus of our product development.


Staple anywhere without effort.

Cordless staple guns are electric staplers without a cable. Thanks to a powerful, removable lithium-ion battery, you can enjoy the benefits of an electric staple gun even in places where there are no power outlets. Cordless staple guns are ideal for medium workloads requiring high levels of mobility and flexibility.


Staple powerfully and professionally without a pause

Pneumatic staple guns are strong and fast! Their design gives them the advantage of speed and power compared to electric staple guns and hand staplers. Work is absolutely effortless and recoil free. They are perfect for large quantities and demanding fastenings. Because an external compressor is required for operation, pneumatic staple guns can be used with only limited mobility.


Do it yourself.

Put creative ideas
into effect with Novus.

Novus blind riveting tools


Permanent connection. Even with one-sided access.

Riveting technology is used wherever a reliable type of fastening is required, and the substrate or material is only accessible from one side. Riveting is a professional fastening technique in which two workpieces are permanently joined together. Novus offers blind rivet pliers for the home workshop right through to professional use. Features like the 360° rotatable pivoting head make working easier.


Easy thread insertion in sheet metal

With our blind rivet nut pliers, inserting a thread in a workpiece is easy, even when access is only possible from one side. This means you can attach signs directly, for example. Novus rivet guns for riveting material are designed for simple, precise and fast work in the workshop or in DIY applications.

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