Professional vehicle wrapping requires professional tools.

The STEINEL products especially for vehicle foiling.

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The STEINEL Carwrapper Set in action

STEINEL featuring Folienprinz!

STEINEL paid a visit to Germany's hottest carwrappers.

The guys from the foil princes know their craft. And swear by the STEINEL car wrapper set and the corresponding accessories. On this page, you'll find all the information you need about the products used by the Folienprinzen for professional car wrapping.

Our expert for vehicle foiling

HG 2120 E Carwrapper Set

The electronically controlled HG 2120 E hot air gun with 7.5 m cable length, including HL Scan temperature scanner for precise temperature control on the workpiece. 

Life insurance for temperature-sensitive workpieces.

Temperature scanner HL Scan

For temperature control on the workpiece. Includes acoustic and optical warning signal when the temperature exceeds or falls below the permissible temperature.

For a clear view

HL Light clip on light

HL Light Clip-on light for illuminating the workpiece. For comfortable work in dark surroundings.

Protects the operator and the workpiece

HL protective cage

The heat-resistant HL protective cage increases protection for the user as well as the material being processed from burns. Child's play to attach directly to the hot air tool

Flexibility and hold!

Flexible hot air stand with vacuum foot.

For flexible fixation of the hot air tool during use.