Inventiveness since 1959.

The STEINEL company was founded at Herzebrock-Clarholz in 1959. Since then, STEINEL has consistently evolved from pioneer to technology and innovation leader in the sensor-controlled lighting, heat-tool and hot-melt glue applicator markets. Innovative and intelligent products of world renown are created at the company's own development centres in Germany, the Czech Republic and Switzerland. All products are manufactured by company-owned factories in Germany, Switzerland, Romania and the Republic of Moldova. Made in Europe is STEINEL's formula for success.

Facts and figures on STEINEL


Not different, but better

STEINEL has been defining its success through the quality of its innovations for over 50 years. Imagination, technical expertise and many years of experience are all factors that go to make products "typically STEINEL". STEINEL managed to make the breakthrough in product development back in 1976. An electronic voltage tester for AC and DC voltage was the first STEINEL-made product on the market. STEINEL launched the heat-tool product line with the first hot-melt glue applicator in 1980, adding hot-air tools to it in 1983. STEINEL invented the world's first sensor-switched light in 1987. Since 2002, STEINEL has been using high-frequency sensor technology for detecting movements in spaces and buildings, integrating it invisibly into lights. Today, STEINEL leads the world in using sensor-controlled LED technology and has the right light for any situation. Examples of innovative products are the indoor lights from the RS LED range with invisible high-frequency sensor as well a the new XLED home 2 floodlight with fully swivelling LED panel for any chosen lighting situation. We are particularly proud of our XSolar lights: the most efficient solar lights in the world provide bright light 365 days of the year, and all without electricity.

As innovation and technology leader, STEINEL is always a step ahead.


Tested quality and safety

Precision, long life and lasting performance – these quality criteria are the mark of products from STEINEL that have made them so successful. A comprehensive and closely meshed quality management system (QMS) constantly makes sure that every product satisfies STEINEL quality standards. The STEINEL QMS is in operation throughout the company group - which means it is used at every production site in Europe. It is certified under the internationally applicable ISO 9001 quality standard. All production sites are regularly audited by professional quality assessors as well. Certification bodies, such as TÜV, VDE or UL, also monitor the production and testing facilities. Needless to say, all European directives, such as REACH, RoHS or EMC, are implemented and observed in production. The first quality checks are made as early as the goods inward stage. Process monitoring during production and a 100% final inspection of every product ensure perfect performance and safety. All STEINEL products receive the external seal of tested safety from TÜV-GS or VDE. All STEINEL Professional lights additionally carry the ENEC European safety mark.


Innovations for saving energy

Energy efficiency is a key issue of our day and age when it comes to conserving resources and climate protection. About 19% of the energy used world-wide goes on lighting. This equates to an annual demand of about 2,650 terrawatt-hours. Here, the intelligent use of lighting can make a huge contribution to saving energy.

Sensor technology from STEINEL makes intelligent lighting possible -  for the good of the environment, but also for added convenience, safety and security every day. It is only switched ON automatically when it's actually needed, and automatically OFF again when it's no longer required. This not only saves energy but also reduces CO2 emissions and cuts costs. Combining innovative LED technology with sensor technology can even make an energy saving of up to 90%.

Sensor-switched lights, motion detectors and presence detectors from STEINEL demonstrate just how intelligently energy can be used. High-tech, ground-breaking products from STEINEL go hand in hand with energy efficiency – whether at home or in business.


Production at the company's own factories

The entire STEINEL Group is run and managed from Herzebrock-Clarholz. But STEINEL manufactures its own products as well. To ensure perfect quality, products are only manufactured at the company's own factories in Leipzig, in Switzerland, in Romania and in Moldova - in facilities covering a total area of over 40,000 square metres.

Besides operating a comprehensive quality management system, STEINEL attaches tremendous importance to monitoring every aspect of the production process. This is the only way of making innovative and high-quality products. The share of manufacturing that takes place in-house - vertical integration - is exceptionally high. Here are just a few examples: STEINEL's Leipzig works moulds every plastic component and even compounds the plastic material itself. The Leipzig factory also has its own toolmaking department. The Swiss operation in Einsiedeln is home to STEINEL's centre of excellence for complex electronics. State-of-the-art facilities automatically fit components to the printed circuit boards at a rate of up to a thousand a minute – a production service that's provided for the whole STEINEL Group. In turn, the plants in Romania and Moldova carry out all of the other steps in manufacturing right up to the finished, packed product. Quality from STEINEL – made in Europe.

With a promise of quality

When we do something, we do it properly. For some, this doesn't seem to fit in with today's fast pace of life. Where others focus on pressure of time and the need to show returns, we set store by innovation and durability – and offer outstanding products at an attractive price.

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Our brands.

Today, products and solutions are available under the STEINEL brand and from the STEINEL PROFESSIONAL and STEINEL SOLUTIONS divisions for DIY enthusiasts and professional users alike. The product line-up focuses on automatic lighting and heat tools.

High-quality products for DIY enthusiasts are sold through selected DIY stores under the STEINEL brand name. Products "made by STEINEL" are appreciated across the globe on account of their superb functionality, user-friendliness, excellent value for money and long life expectancy.

The STEINEL PROFESSIONAL brand covers intelligent products as well as cleverly engineered systems designed to meet professional needs for the professional user.

STEINEL SOLUTIONS in Einsiedeln, Switzerland takes care of individually tailored customer projects from development and production to every aspect of logistics. As STEINEL SOLUTIONS customers, well-known company names such as Nespresso, BOSCH, Gira or Kärcher, take advantage of STEINEL's attractive expertise.

The STEINEL company film


Made by STEINEL. Made in Europe.

Making us innovation leader time and again, innovative and intelligent products are created at our own development centres in Germany, the Czech Republic and Switzerland. All products are manufactured at the company's own factories in Germany, Switzerland, Romania and the Republic of Moldova. Made in Europe is one the keys to success for STEINEL.



  • Facilities covering 17,800 sq.m.
  • Group headquarters
  • Administration centre
  • Electronics development
  • Sales and marketing
  • Finance and IT
  • Logistics



  • Plastic compounding
  • Plastic injection moulding (3 components)
  • Wet coating and printing 
  • Construction of jigs and fixtures 
  • Test equipment construction
  • Tool-making and tool maintenance



  • Facilities covering 7,500 sq.m.
  • Development and project management
  • Preparation for industrial production and test engineering
  • SMT electronics production
  • Component assembly for complex products
  • Final assembly / equipment production

Czech Republic


  • Facilities covering 1,000 sq.m.
  • Mechanical development  
  • Design and simulation of injection moulds
  • Rapid prototyping and mechanical measurement


Curtea de Arges

  • Facilities covering 36,000 sq.m.
  • Manual electronic component assembly
  • Coating and potting printed circuit boards
  • SMT electronics production
  • Wave soldering
  • Component assembly 
  • Cable assembly 
  • Ultrasonic welding

Republic of Moldova


  • Facilities covering 8,000 sq.m.
  • Manual component assembly
  • Manual and automatic electronic component assembly
  • Coating and potting printed circuit boards
  • Wave soldering
  • Equipment assembly
  • Plastic injection moulding