True Presence® is the flagship of the presence detector evolution and heralds a new era in building sensor technology. 

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True Presence®: the digital sensor revolution.

True Presence® is the world’s first true presence detector. It reliably detects the presence of a person. No matter what this person is doing: walking, standing, sitting, reading, resting or sleeping. This is real digital knowledge of presence or absence.  This is essential information for existing or future building management. Our True Presence® technology is based on extremely precise high-frequency measurements of the detector's surroundings. The presence of humans is indicated when 3-dimensional breathing patterns (micro-movement from vital functions) are detected. The distance of the person to the sensor as well as the direction of movement is registered as well. And all of this is done so quickly and precisely that there is no longer any need to set a stay ON time.
True Presence® is the flagship of the presence detector evolution and heralds a new era in building sensor technology.

Solutions for better efficiency, better health, better safety and better comfort.


Occupancy and service management.

Which room is available, which room is still occupied? It is embarrassing and inefficient when service personnel enter a room that is still occupied. The Hospitality-Solution lets you easily detect which rooms still have guests present and which do not. The Service is optimised and is much quicker.


Care room monitoring.

The number of elderly people is constantly increasing. The special Elderly Care solutions let True Presence® reliably detect the vital functions of people that require care - it detects presence and absence as well as deviations from normal situations and problematic conditions.


Creating a good indoor climate.

The True Presence® Multisensor KNX reliably analyses room air and provides the basis for optimum ventilation, air conditioning, shading and more. It creates a healthy indoor climate and makes sure that the lights don't go out during a class test.


Effective evacuation.

Worst case scenario: a cruise ship or hotel needs to be evacuated. But in all the turmoil, how can you ensure that no one is overlooked? True Presence® can determine which rooms still have people inside and which do not.

Solutions for better efficiency, better health, better safety and better comfort. True Presence® can detect real human presence in the room. Long stay-ON times are not necessary any more. For the first time, the "presence of humans" information becomes a reliable control parameter for building automation.

Combining True Presence® with the detection of temperature, humidity, air quality, volatile organic compounds (VOC) and brightness makes sensors the building's real sensory organs and provides the information that is necessary for true "building intelligence".

True Presence® Sensor

It is the first detector for identifying human presence. It reliably detects the presence and absence of people over a 64 m² area, the "True Presence®". At a previously unattainable 177 m², it has even been possible to triple its total presence detection zone over conventional presence detectors.

True Presence® Multisensor KNX

True Presence® technology with enhanced senses for brightness, room temperature, humidity, radial object distance, approaching and moving away, CO₂, volatile organic compounds (VOC) and air pressure. It misses absolutely nothing.

Multisensor Air KNX

Good air makes people active and keeps them healthy. This extension of the True Presence® family concentrates on the detection of temperature, humidity, air pressure, volatile organic compounds (VOC), CO₂ and brightness.


Specialists are needed for long hallways and corridors. Hallway detects the direction of movement and even whether someone is on the left or the right. And does so within a detection zone of 25 m.