Indoor lights

How do STEINEL SensorLights work?

Welcome home

The future belongs to automatic light. And not just outdoors, where STEINEL inventions are already standard equipment in homes and gardens. By developing state-of-the-art high-frequency sensors, STEINEL has made this technology of the future socially acceptable for indoor use too. As a result, maximum energy efficiency and optimum living comfort can now also be achieved inside buildings - powered by STEINEL.

The innovation is hidden inside the light. A high-frequency motion detector that welcomes you and your visitors with light when you enter the room and switches it off again when it's no longer needed. Welcome home. Welcome to the future.

  • Individual setting of response brightness, duty cycle and range.
  • Easy installation: luminaire and sensor = 1 connection
  • Available as wall and ceiling lights in various designs
  • 36 months manufacturer warranty.
  • 5-year glass after-sales guarantee

All STEINEL lights are suitable for energy-saving and LED light sources.

Light ON and OFF ...automatically 

An innovation from STEINEL - the original. STEINEL high-frequency (HF) sensors detect movement without delay and without any restrictions on "sensitivity" due to ambient temperature and the direction of movement of the object being detected.

The high-tech sensors emit signals and in the next instant receive the echo reflected from walls and surrounding objects. A movement in the detection area is registered by the sensor within fractions of a second due to the changed echo image and the light is switched on immediately! After an individually adjustable follow-up time, the light switches off automatically.

STEINEL high-frequency sensors operate at 5.8 GHz. Since glass and thin walls are no obstacle to these signals, the sensors can be mounted inside the lights, invisible from the outside. So nothing interferes with the attractive design of STEINEL Sensor Lights.

The power of approx. 1 mW corresponds to only approx. 1/1000th of a radio telephone.

Elegant convenience

You don't see intelligence, you just notice it. STEINEL HF technology is invisibly concealed inside the attractive lights and provides light "just in time".

Detection range

There's no way around STEINEL's HF SensorLights. They seamlessly detect even the smallest movements in a 360° radius and at a distance of up to 8 m. If required, the range can be electronically reduced steplessly to as little as 1 m.

Attentive light

The detection range of STEINEL HF Sensor Lights is ideal for indoor applications. Thanks to 360° all-round coverage, they can be installed either on the wall or the ceiling.

Setting matter

Three infinitely variable controls allow STEINEL HF SensorLights to be optimally adapted to specific requirements.

Range adjustment

STEINEL HF SensorLights can detect movements at a distance of Ø 1 to 8 m. The desired range can be set within this range. The desired range can be infinitely adjusted within this range.

Time setting

STEINEL HF SensorLights are equipped with a timer that ensures the light stays on for the set duration. The desired lighting duration can be infinitely adjusted between 5 sec and 15 min.

Twilight setting

Setting the response threshold between 2-2000 lux determines at which ambient brightness the sensor light should become active. Already during the day or only at dusk or in darkness.

Modernisation in no time at all

STEINEL HF Sensor Lights are installed exactly like conventional lights. No additional work or cable connections are needed. On the contrary: Complicated cross switches and corresponding cable routing can be dispensed with without replacement. There's no simpler or more convenient way to invest in the future.

Simple installation

STEINEL HF SensorLights are just as quick and easy to install as conventional lights: Attach the light to the wall or ceiling and screw the phase and neutral conductors into the luster terminals - that's it. The only thing you don't have to do afterwards is switch on and off manually, thanks to integrated sensor technology.

Connecting other consumers

The majority of HF sensor luminaires have a separate connection terminal with which an additional consumer can be switched on. When the guest toilet is entered, for example, another light or a fan is switched on with the light. The switching capacity is max. 100 watts.