Presence detector
What is a presence detector?

Presence detectors use extremely high-resolution and precise sensor technology to respond to the smallest movements. This is important for indoor applications, especially for sedentary activities (offices for desk work, classrooms, etc.) as well as for other special lighting tasks such as gyms, locker rooms, corridors or storage areas.

The light sensors continuously measure the ambient light and constantly match it with the preset value.

Light is switched on when the light level falls below a certain level in addition to the presence of people. If it is bright enough, the light switches off automatically, even if people are present.

The detection areas of our IR presence detectors are not round, but square. This is not only much more precise and functional, but much easier to plan - there are no overlaps and no areas not covered.

What's more, the detection squares on STEINEL Professional presence detectors are precisely scalable.