Motion detector

Where to install a motion detector? 

In general, the use of a motion detector is recommended in outdoor areas (driveways, entrance areas, parking lots, carports, building fronts) to detect moving objects or passageway indoor areas (garages, corridors, storage rooms).

The infrared motion detector should be mounted approx. 2m to max. 2.5m high - subject to special instructions, otherwise it cannot satisfactorily guard the intended area. Exceptions are the IS 345 Highbay and the presence detectors. The recommended mounting height can be found in the technical data.

HF sensors are particularly suitable for indoor use. The fact that they also reliably detect movements through glass, wood and lightweight walls makes them ideal for installation behind suspended ceilings for aesthetic reasons or to protect against vandalism.

However, even with IP44 protection, they are not intended for outdoor use and outdoor installation. Due to the high-frequency sensor technology, which can also detect non-human movements, the luminaire would switch at any perceived movement.