Optical sensor

We taught our sensor how to count.

What is happening where? How great would that be when a sensor could tell you that. The HPD2 with optical presence technology can. Anywhere where you want to know how many people are present at a certain location, the HPD2 can provide the appropriate information. Information in a dimension that still is to fully explored. Digitalisation and interconnection in building automation is gathering ever more speed. This includes sensory organs that make it possible to analyse specific zones. How many employees are in the office? Who is sitting where? Are there many people waiting at the lifts? What is the frequency in the stairways? Is there a queue at the checkout? There are an infinite number of examples that show how important it will be to know more and more within the building. The right information is not only needed for interaction within the building management system, but also for improving organisation and optimising processes. The HPD2 can deliver this information. reliably and precisely.