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Time to experience the future: 

As a leading provider of intelligent solutions for sensor technology, lighting and building automation, we work on visionary ideas every day. Ideas that become solutions. Solutions that improve tomorrow. Improvements that mean more efficiency, more sustainability and more comfort. Here you will find products that show how we see the future today - and with which we are shaping tomorrow. In our quest for the best possible tomorrow. We can't help it. We love progress.


STEINEL innovations for Light+Building 2024

Everything at a glance

In this brochure you will find all the details about the new products in the areas of sensor technology, light and system components.


Next big thing.

EO sensor. Transforms rooms into intelligent rooms.

From the ceiling, our new Smart Space Sensor detects, localises and counts all the people in the room thanks to an innovative infrared matrix. All existing temperatures are precisely recorded in a precisely adjustable room area. The data obtained is analysed using intelligent software based on the latest AI algorithms. It can be used to precisely identify and locate human heat radiation.

In addition to the presence and number of people, brightness, temperature and humidity, the multi-sensor variant also provides the concentration of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), the CO2 value, air pressure and noise level. A combination of this information can be used to calculate values such as the risk of infection, stale air, comfort and dew point. If this data flows into an HVAC control system, the room and building climate can be optimised to meet the respective requirements.

Further sensor innovations


Eagle eyes see more.

nexx.IS PRO series.

Specially developed for reliable outdoor detection applications, the series is the ideal solution for building entrances and façades. Thanks to innovative "Eagle Eye" technology, a specific detection area can be improved by 200 per cent when the sensor is facing in a frontal direction. Available in 3 designs and 2 colours.


Great solution. Not just in the classroom.

IR Quattro HD DALI duo.

Classrooms, conference rooms and larger offices are the primary areas of application for the new IR Quattro HD DALI duo. The compact infrared presence detector, equipped with two light channels, is a fully-fledged, intelligent light management system. The ideal prerequisites for creating customised light.


Modern design meets smart convenience.


Night-time lighting - but the smart way: the scheduler function in the STEINEL Connect app can be used to define various scenes and settings depending on the time of day and time of day. Thanks to Bluetooth Mesh, the TS RTC can be connected and adjusted wirelessly with various STEINEL Connect lights. Available in white and anthracite.


RS PRO 6150 SC circular

Sensor technology, networking and intelligent lighting control for maximum energy efficiency. Plus a revolution in the circular economy.

Our new RS PRO 6150 SC circular is 100% "made in Europe" and was conceived and produced entirely with the circular economy in mind. The low-maintenance, modular luminaire is made from 99% recycled plastic. Whether in industrial environments, car parks and underground garages or in storage and basement areas - the intelligent sensor technology combined with Connected Lighting ensures maximum energy efficiency. All components are easily interchangeable. And to close the loop at the end, every luminaire is returned to the material cycle at the end of its long product life thanks to the take-back concept. Put your hand on it!

A sustainable cooperation

Intelligent, sensor-based lighting control for maximum energy and CO2 savings paired with a luminaire that has a recyclate content of 99% and is also repairable - we have realised this combination with our cooperation partner PRACHT in the RS PRO 6150 circular SC.


Optically, technically and energetically top. RS PRO 5500/5550 SC

Our two new linear luminaires cut an excellent figure in industrial environments as well as in passageways and office environments. In addition to their attractive appearance and inner values, the sophisticated repair concept with interchangeable components is also impressive. The luminaires offer pleasant lighting comfort and are also a shining example of exemplary energy efficiency thanks to STEINEL Connected Lighting and a new interference-free 24 GHz sensor. They are connected with 5-core through-wiring on both sides or from behind.


A luminous appearance.
RS PRO A series.
Elegant and robust.

Sophisticated design for demanding environments: Equipped with a powerful high-frequency sensor and an attractive and robust aluminium chassis, the A-Series is ideal for pergolas or similar applications thanks to its IK10 impact resistance and tested IP54 protection class. As part of the Connected Lighting product family, wireless networking, luminaire grouping and leading light can be realised with the A-Series. The luminaires can also be connected to central battery systems.

Next level lighting management
LiveLink ONE. Maximum convenience.
Minimal installation effort.

Lighting management offers companies across all sectors enormous opportunities - for example to reduce costs, increase lighting quality and employee satisfaction and achieve their own sustainability goals. And with the new LiveLink ONE® app, installation and operation are easier and safer than ever before. The result: real plug and play lighting management at the click of a button. Whether in huge logistics halls, glazed office complexes, universities or underground car parks - energy-efficient lighting with lighting management is an enormous benefit in all applications. Users can also flexibly adapt the light to their individual preferences and different work tasks.

From the control cabinet to the room and analysis


System components from STEINEL.

We are expanding our portfolio with high-quality system components for DALI, KNX and Bluetooth. For seamless integration and maximum compatibility, you now get sensors, interfaces and actuators from a single source. You can rely on our proven quality and expertise for a smooth and efficient system.


Capstone closes the gap between hardware and software.

With the new Capstone software solution, it is possible for the first time to detect and visualise all IP and Bluetooth sensors and lights in the network. To do this, Capstone creates an independent network and provides a complete overview of the building status. Based on the analysed data, optimisation suggestions can then be made for a better energy balance.