Switch over to better! The new STEINEL sensor switches.


Switches ON any lamp without flickering.

Presence switch IR 180 Universal (2-wire)

Back to the future. Modern lamps make sense, are fun and are being installed in all applications. Unfortunately, however, the combination of conventional sensor switches and energy-saving lamps often results in flickering. Trouble-free, reduced power consumption is only possible here by using halogen lamps. STEINEL now offers a solution to this problem. The IR 180 UNIVERSAL features a super-capacitor and electrical isolation of the cable via a relay to prevent leakage currents. As a result, any lamp can be switched ON without flickering. A small invention with great effects and a true global first.


  • Patented 2-wire technology, perfect for LED lamps (IR 180 Universal)
  • Integrated switch for manual override
  • High-precision 180° infrared sensor with a reach of 20 m
  • Super-Cap energy storage system memory for 0 W power consumption in standby mode 
  • Ideal mounting height 1.10 m

Intelligent sensor technology for any 55 mm surround.


Conventional sensor switches often come with outdated technology which means they are not always reliable. At the same time, the demands on this product category are also growing. Modern lamps, varying room situations and technically sophisticated modernisation projects also demand intelligent technology from sensor switches. We have found the right answers. In uncompromising quality and exquisite design. Also compatible with all commonly used switch programmes. 

The new standard for infrared sensor switches.

Presence switch IR 180 (3-wire)

New design, intelligent technology, fast installation. IR 180 is the answer if infrared sensor switches exist or are planned in new buildings or existing property buildings with 3-wire cabling. 180 denotes the sensor's huge angle of coverage. It misses absolutely nothing, neither to the left or right. The IR 180 also comes in a new design and can be installed quickly and easily. The KNX version also indicates the temperature and humidity levels measured.

Reliably detects through partition walls.

Presence switch HF 180 (3-wire)

High-frequency technology meets top-caliber design! Producing an angle of coverage of 180°, the HF 180 sensor switch not only scores top marks in performance, it looks great too. The HF sensor technology detects every movement and switches instantly. The solution for offices, entrance rooms and washroom facilities where movement also needs detecting through thin partition walls. Intelligent technology that not only looks good, but is also easy to install. The KNX version also indicates the temperature and humidity levels measured.


One for all. This is how remote control works today!

Smart Remote.

With the Smart Remote, STEINEL sensors and sensor-switched lights can be controlled very conveniently with just one device. Simply download the appropriate app to your smartphone or tablet, connect via Bluetooth to the Smart Remote and control all STEINEL products from a central point via infrared.

It doesn't get any smarter than that!