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Welcome home - Sensor-Spotlight from STEINEL.

Our LED spotlights


Floodlights for your home

With up to 4000 lumens, you can achieve daylight illumination even in the deepest night. No matter whether you want to illuminate driveways, carports or areas around the house. Equipped with the latest LED technology and precise sensors, the beautifully designed sensor spotlights adapted to the architecture provide the icing on the cake in the outdoor area. Save on energy costs and simply choose the right product from the STEINEL floodlight range. Our floodlights also score points when it comes to safety: Light is still the first obstacle for unwanted visitors.

More than just bright light


Responds to the human
With their sensitive motion detectors, the spotlights respond directly to people and thus automatically switch light when it is needed. So you can welcome your visitors already at the entrance.


Large area illumination
Our spotlights perfectly illuminate places in front of the house, such as driveways or parking spaces, with warm white light. For a large coverage area, they can be mounted at a height of up to 4m and provide an atmospheric ambience with their light color.


Unique design, maximum flexibility
The particularly flat LED panels provide elegance on any wall. In the XLED home 2 series, the panel can also be fully pivoted in all directions. In many models, the motion detector is inconspicuously integrated in the housing color.


Settings conveniently via app
With the XLED home 2 SC, we have integrated Bluetooth control for the first time. So you don't need a ladder every time you need to make adjustments, you can conveniently adjust the spotlight via app - and also network it with other STEINEL Bluetooth lights around the house.


Fully swiveling LED panel for even and bright illumination.

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Light meets life

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