Cube series

House and garden in the right light

Uniformly illuminate the garden with the STEINEL Cube series

Cube series - the perfect way to set the scene in the garden and terrace and to show the way around the house. The Cube series is a real eye-catcher not only from a design perspective, but also technologically. In order to illuminate as sustainably as possible, the light only switches on when movement is registered, thanks to an invisibly integrated motion detector.

Luminous staging

With the Cube series, you can design a lighting concept in your outdoor area that blends seamlessly into the surroundings, can be individually designed and functions sustainably. Gardens, terraces and paths can be illuminated so that they shine in their most beautiful light and are a real highlight even in the dark.

L 840
Accents upwards and downwards

The L 840 is a luminaire that sets accents on your house wall with its upward and downward directed light cones.


L 830
A bright light image

The L 830 does without the design element on the front of the cube. As a result, the luminaire emits light to the front and conjures up a pleasant atmosphere on your terrace.


L 835
Area-wide illumination

The L 835 was designed for generous illumination of terraces or paths close to houses. Its warm white light invites you to relax.


GL 80 LED - Reliable signposts

In order to realise individual lighting concepts, we not only need illuminated walls, but also light that shows us the way. The GL 80 LED path lights show the way and at the same time create an almost magical atmosphere around the house. The cubistic light bodies illuminate driveways and paths in a pleasant way. The design element at the top prevents a direct view into the light. So no one is unpleasantly dazzled.

Special features of the Cube series



Wireless networking

The cubist design lights of the Cube series can be networked with each other via Bluetooth. Thus, one luminaire on your terrace can welcome your visitors, while the other Cube luminaires around the house safely show the right way.



Individually and conveniently adjustable via app

For us it was important that you can easily set the various functions of the Cube lights. All you need is a smartphone, the free app and our Cube lights. You can already make your personal settings for the night light function, the elegant soft light start and the continuous light and adjust them quickly and easily as needed....

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