Solar light

XSolar LH-N

Solar light

XSolar LH-N Anthracite

EAN 4007841065911

Customized house number light. The Premium version with stainless steel-look cover and cut-out house number including engraved street or family name. Also available without inscription. The twilight switch ensures that the light switches on once it gets dark. Automatically activated house number, powered by lithium ferrum battery for 365 days of light a year.

Note: This product is only sold in the German STEINEL Online Shop.

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Solar lights

With the power of the sun - sustainable lighting.

Independence with the power of the sun. With XSolar lights from STEINEL, you make no compromises, in summer or winter: No energy costs. No power connection. But with a special elegance. Where other solar lights give up, our XSolar lights work even in extreme weather.