Bright light - where and how you want it

The dark season brings dangers around the house. From potential tripping hazards, to unobservable walkways, to unwanted visitors. Protect yourself, your family and your home with the right lighting. 

Spotlights - Bright is not an expression at all! With our range of spotlights, you ensure optimum illumination in every situation. No matter whether on the house wall or on the garage. With their swivelling LED panels, our spotlights master every requirement and provide light where you want it. This way, you increase your safety when it gets dark outside.

Optimal illumination for every situation.

Equipped with the latest, resource-saving LED technology and high-precision sensors, the beautifully designed sensor floodlights that match the architecture provide the icing on the cake for outdoor areas. Save on energy costs and simply choose the right product from the STEINEL floodlight range.


XLED slim

The Aesthete

When visitors arrive, the economical XLED slim outdoor spotlight brings light into play. The shapely luminaire solution impresses with its elegant design and provides atmospherically illuminated entrances and access paths.



The floodlight

The wall and ceiling spotlight with highly efficient LED system. Due to the flexible mounting options, the spotlight with its 2050 lumens is ideally suited for illuminating carports or driveways.


LS 150

The robust one

The robust aluminium housing is ideally suited for extreme applications. The swivelling spotlight head also supplies large areas with high light output. The 240° infrared sensor reacts to every movement with a range of 12m.


LS 300

The robust XL

The LS 300 LED sensor spotlight with a pleasant light colour of 4000 K turns your driveway into a playground even at night with a light output of 3120 lm. With its ceramic reflector, it puts special eye-catchers in the spotlight, lights your way to the front door or deters uninvited guests.


XLED home

The bestseller

The freely swivelling LED panel illuminates every angle perfectly. A reliable infrared sensor and the evenly distributed light provide security around the house on up to 150m². Also available as Bluetooth Connect variant for wireless networking.


XLED curved

The compact one

This spotlight reliably monitors medium-sized areas such as house entrances or access paths. The sensor in the colour of the housing blends seamlessly into the luminaire design.



Security the smart way

The sensor camera spotlight is ideal for illuminating garden or ancillary areas around the house. The manually adjustable camera transmits a live image to your smartphone via WLAN - with direct communication option via intercom.

Special features of the spotlights


Sensor spotlight for automatic light
With the integrated infrared sensors, the spotlights switch light safely and automatically whenever it is needed. The best thing is that the high-precision sensors are elegantly integrated into the spotlight. This means that the spotlights can be stylishly integrated into any house wall.


Manual spotlights for light on demand
All manual spotlights are operated by switch and offer the same technology and luminosity as the versions with sensor. Another special feature: All manual spotlights can be connected to an additional motion detector.


Reliable and functional
The LEDs of the spotlights are designed for a service life of about 30 years and thus provide excellent service for decades when used around the house and garden. Best of all, with a manufacturer's warranty of 3 years on all spotlights and 5 years on spotlights of the XLED home series, you are on the safe side.


Plastic-free packaging
The switch to plastic-free packaging for our products is in full swing. We are already saving more than 2 million plastic bags for accessories every year and replacing polystyrene and foam padding with sustainable solutions.


Daylight brightness
The choice is yours: warm white 3000 K or cool white 4000 K - the wall and ceiling spotlights turn night into day and impress with 1000 - 4400 lm floodlight-like illumination.

Discover further products for your individual light staging


Cube series

An expressive element of light

With the Cube series you create a characteristic lighting on your terrace and in your garden. Thus, you make a unique light statement that will be seen.


Spot series

Spot on for your garden

No lighting elements could stage the highlights in your garden better than the precise luminaires of our Spot series. This way you perfectly emphasize the atmosphere in your outdoor area.