The new Cube Pro series

The robust luminaire system.

Cube Pro series - The luminaire system in cubic form refines every residential complex. The pathways and wall luminaires integrate perfectly into the architecture of modern buildings. App dimmable main and basic light as well as a pleasant soft light start always create the right light ambience for the residents and save energy at the same time. The wireless Bluetooth networking with neighbor group function ensures that the light thinks ahead and provides uniform and safe illumination of paths and along buildings.

Square light staging

The Cube Pro series can be used to design a lighting concept in your outdoor area that blends seamlessly into the surroundings, can be individually designed and works sustainably. Gardens, terraces and paths can be illuminated so that they shine in their most beautiful light and are a real highlight even in the dark.

Wall lamp

L 845

The modern wall luminaire L 845 SC of the Cube Pro series is the ideal lighting solution for on-demand illumination along the building. The luminaire is made of high-quality aluminum and presents itself in a sophisticated cubic design. The attractive wall luminaire is also available without sensor.


Floor lamp

GL 85

The noble aluminum floor lamp GL 85 SC of the Cube Pro series offers tread and especially stylish escort on nightly paths around the house. With 60 cm and 90 cm height two size versions are available. The attractive stand and path light is also available as a version without sensor. Base and stand profile are available as spare parts.

Special features of the Cube Pro series



Wireless networking

The cubist design lights of the Cube Pro series can be networked with each other via Bluetooth. So one luminaire on your terrace can welcome your visitors, while the other Cube Pro luminaires around the house safely show the right way.



Individually and conveniently adjustable via app

For us it was important that you can easily set the various functions of the Cube Pro lights. All you need is a smartphone, the free app and our Cube Pro lights. You can already make your personal settings for the night light function, the elegant soft light start and the continuous light and adjust them quickly and easily as needed.

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