STEINEL Solutions AG

Customised solutions that will inspire you.

STEINEL Solutions AG combines a unique combination of expertise, technology and international production infrastructure. Customised solutions are developed and manufactured for customers from a wide range of industries.

One-Stop-Shop – We serve our customers with a complete package of product development, industrialisation and manufacturing. As a one-stop-shop, we are your central point of contact.


120 employees including 7 trainees in Einsiedeln; 1600 employees in the STEINEL Group


8 production and/or development sites in Europe


Top 5 employer in the region


70 engineers in the STEINEL Group


Our history
STEINEL Solutions AG was founded in 1995. Since then, the company has evolved from a pure manufacturing service provider to a system supplier - in other words, a one-stop shop - for world-famous brands.


Workplace Einsiedeln
For over 25 years now, we have stood for continuity at the Einsiedeln workplace.


Swiss precision
Both well-known market leaders and numerous hidden champions rely on the highly specialised electronics and system services provided by STEINEL Solutions.


Made in Europe
For the manufacture and development of customised products, we make use of the STEINEL Group's highly integrated engineering and manufacturing network in addition to our Swiss location.

Made by STEINEL. Made in Europe. As a STEINEL Solutions customer, you benefit from an integrated value chain that automatically results in reduced procurement and process costs. We know how important good networking is for international cooperation.

STEINEL relies on the highest quality «Made in Europe»: We manufacture exclusively in our company-owned factories in Germany, the Czech Republic, Romania, the Republic of Moldova and Switzerland. In this way, over 1600 employees throughout Europe ensure that your project is a complete success.


STEINEL Solutions AG

Our mission statement

In our complex environment, the creation of a common corporate identity is a fundamental building block for the success of all actors in a product development process.

✓ We are inventors.

✓ We give everything to make your products (simply) ingenious.

✓ We make it so that it becomes really good.

✓ The scope for design is what makes us tick.

✓ We solve things together.

✓ We are respectful, honest and helpful.

✓ Our customers love our products and the STEINEL brand.

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