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Are time-to-market and complexity reduction a permanent topic?

Our commitment and mission – Only through the smooth interaction of all processes and their responsible employees at STEINEL's international locations does a good idea become a successful product.
That's why we offer you product development, industrialisation, production and distribution from a single source. With our customer team based in Switzerland, which coordinates all tasks relating to your product, we guarantee agile and forward-looking action. For you this means: Single point of contact, reduction of interfaces, scalability, fast market entry.


OEM-Solutions. Be part of it.

Tailored module and system solutions

Our range of services in the product development, industrialisation and manufacturing of a product enables us to create customer-specific solutions that will inspire you.


Our principles & values for product development

In today's VUCA world it is not easy to cope with the rapidly changing conditions. It is therefore all the more important for us, together with our partners, to internalize values that balance agility, quality, costs and speed. If there is a common understanding of values, the conditions are ideal for creating innovative products.

  • Individuals and interaction more than processes and tools
  • Functioning products more than comprehensive documentation
  • Cooperation with customers more than negotiations
  • Responding to change more than following a plan

Our services

  • All
  • Consulting
  • Product Development
  • Industrialization
  • Production
  • Services
  • Full-Outsourcing

Our expertise in product development

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