Home living self-sufficient in energy

Energy-Plus house, Berlin

Sponsored by the German Government, the pilot project was launched in early 2012. It was to demonstrate new and forward-pointing ways of living in an energy-efficient, carbon-neutral home without foregoing modern convenience. The building's particular structural design and the use of various regenerative energy sources leave it with an energy surplus. This was used for recharging electric vehicles.


The innovative presence detectors from STEINEL provide automatic and sensor-switched lighting in the Efficiency House Plus. The IR Quattro from the Control PRO presence detector range was chosen for the project. As a result of its detection qualities and high-resolution sensor system, it reliably detects even the smallest of movements with absolute precision. Light only switches ON automatically in a particular area when the detector identifies it is being used by the house occupants and light is actually needed.

Products used


The IR Quattro uses passive infrared technology to identify when a room is being used. It perceives the heat radiated from the human body, converts this into a switching signal and turns the light ON. Detection zone matches typical room shape.

With its highly perceptive sensor system, the IR Quattro has a presence detection zone of 16  sq.m. and even notices when someone is typing on a keyboard. As with all IR Quattro models from STEINEL, the IR Quattro also has a square lens. This provides a detection zone of typical room shape which means absolutely nothing is overlooked. Every last inch of a room is covered without leaving any blind spots.