Automatic light

Sky Tower Wroclaw, Poland

Completed at the end of 2012, the Sky Tower complex in Wroclaw/Poland is currently Poland's tallest building. It has over 1000 special corridor sensors from STEINEL that ensure on-demand, energy-efficient lighting control. Apart from a shopping centre, the Sky Tower also accommodates offices and 236 apartments distributed over 50 floors. The building's users and residents reach their premises through a large number of corridors and passageways. Sensors from STEINEL were to minimise the lighting's energy consumption.


As corridors and passageways come with an architecture all of their own – they are usually narrow and long – dedicated corridor sensors from STEINEL were to be used in the Sky Tower. The detection field of these corridor sensors is tailored perfectly to this specific spatial situation. Given the scenario inside the building, it was decided to use the Dual HF presence detector from the Presence Control PRO range as well as the IS 345 passive infrared motion detector to keep watch over the high corridors and passageways.

Products used


As a dedicated corridor sensor, the Dual HF is fitted with two high-frequency sensors. With a reach of up to 10 metres, these two sensors sit back to back to cover both corridor directions. In total, this means a single Dual HF sensor can monitor up to 20 metres of corridor. The IS 345 motion detector is predestined to monitor high corridors and passageways. As a passive infrared sensor, it has a motion detection zone of 20 × 4 metres across the sensor.