Intelligent lighting for intelligent minds

Stuttgart city library

The new city library in Stuttgart was officially opened in October 2011. Taking up no less than 20,000  sq.m. of floor space, the newly constructed media world is spread over 11 storeys. Sensors from STEINEL control all of the library's lighting in relation to use and daylight. Over 200 KNX high-frequency presence detectors from STEINEL control the lighting for maximum energy efficiency.


When the library was built, the decision was made to install a KNX-based building automation system as a way of perfectly controlling all the main building functions, such as lighting. KNX sensors from STEINEL can be integrated throughout the building system quickly and easily. The HF 360 KNX from the tried and proven STEINEL Presence Control PRO range was chosen for detecting movement in the library. It not only has the task of minimising energy consumption, but also of providing the perfect balance of natural and artificial light.

Products used


The HF 360 is particularly slim because using HF technology it does not require a lens. From the ceiling, it detects all movements in a diameter of 1 to 8 metres, which can be adjusted exactly as required. High-frequency waves have the advantage of being able to penetrate room elements made of glass or even stud walls. This means the HF 360 can be installed out of view behind suspended ceilings without impairing detection quality.